FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

It will probably take a while to be able to do that mate! The project has not fully advanced, some details are still to decide! Let’s cross the fingers :wink:

@ FW3A Team, I sent “you” a PM :wink:

Will be looking for your reply whenever it is possible!! Thanks in advance!! :sunglasses:

I don’t think anyone actually checks that… or even logs in at all, except on rare occasions to post progress updates or edit the top post. It may get used more later, but for now it’s mostly a placeholder.

Interest list updated.

It also handles cancellations now, and has had known cancellations applied. Request numbers may have shifted.

- TK

Just stumbled here. Interested.

I didn’t read every page.

What is the IP rating expected to be?

And will there be a 18350 body?


There is no IP rating specified,
but front lens and head has an o-ring. The switch IMHO has a membrane.

No short tube planned at the moment.

I think this lamp is worth buying of the user interface alone.

In for 2

Thanks TK for the answer! I also thought that but still, I tried !
Shall I PM Fritz or and “individual” member to place my questions, then?

Thank you :+1:

interested if not too late….

Have payment method been determined yet? Will be Paypal / Western Union only again?

I’m just curious, not sure if this has been answered.

The FW3A main selling point seems to be the driver firmware (Anduril?).

But I was wondering if there’s an approximate CRI value for the 3x XP-G3s?

I don’t think they have decided on what exact led to use yet.

The payment methods aren’t yet determined.

The LED details aren’t yet determined.

There are no plans to make an 18350 version.

The main selling points, off the top of my head:

  • Tail e-switch.
  • Unusually small for an 18650 light — about the size of a SK-68 (1xAA).
  • Bare-looking lathe-like finish, hopefully.
  • Wide range from ~0.3 lm to ~3000 lm.
  • Fancy yet easy UI.
  • Regulated output up to ~1000 lm.
  • Nice clip firmly attached.
  • Good ergonomics.

It’s not just one thing… it’s meant to be a good all-around EDC light, something to be used heavily.

And I think if it sells well, they might make it from titanium, brass, or copper in the future. I’m looking forward to those.

I’m 947 on request/interest list for one unit. If I still have time, please add another for a total of two units.

You people are amazing!
Could I please put my name down for one if it’s not too late?

Please add me for 1 more. 2 total. I am 494 on list already.

This is going to be a great light with this firmware and a tail clicky!

Just an FYI: I don’t think it’s going to be a tail clicky in the traditional sense, but a tail mounted contact that operates it. Similar to Liteflux, Novatac, or HDS.
Sorry if I’m stating something you already knew, there have been a lot of updated threads about lighted tailswitches lately and I wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up for this being a candidate.
Or, and this is certainly a possibility, I’m completely wrong.

Bansuri is correct.

It’s an electronic contact switch, not a hard power-disconnect switch. It isn’t compatible with any current lighted-tailswitch solutions, but if you replaced both the custom switch PCB and the metal boot it might still be possible.

I’m on the list for one. Please add me for one more (2 total!)

Thank you!

Please add me to the list for one. Thanks

Yeah should not have said clicky. Just a tail switch that is a lot easier to find than a side switch. That ramps and does all the other fantastic modes like candle and lightning.

Want this on all my Emisars and Q8.