FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Add me please

In for two.

Triple XP-G3, direct drive, small light, VTC5A, this thing is going to make some serious heat :smiling_imp:

Ok you bastards, sign me up for one. You guys are making too many cool lights.

please put me down for one,

so many cool things coming up recently!

Yes will update the list later!

One for me.

In for one,

Under the pretense of saving weight… I think it would be cool to mill some designs into the inner switch tube. I know, I know, the weight savings would be negligible and it would never be seen, but you would know it was there, just looking pretty. Ha!

I do like the clean look of the light and wouldn’t want anything on it, however I totally love the idea of having a logo of some sort (in tfl some people argued for a TFL/BLF Logo on it) or an atypical pattern (in contrast to the clean look) on that inner tube. Don’t know how much trouble (and cost) that would be, but if that is easly done please go for it!

Well I am in for one also.

Looks awesome, sign me up for one please!

Put me down for one. Thanks for the hard work!

Interested in 1, thanks.

Interested in 2, thanks

Wow lots of updating to do :wink:

The design looks very appealing, though a FET driver looks like an odd choice to me with very little mass to absorb the waste heat of direct drive.

Hence the driver has 8 7135 chips for a max regulated 2,8A output
This means giggle away on turbo whenever you want to smile or impress people yet use it as EDC on regulated modes to keep the heat in check and have long runtimes.

Triple boards are being flowed with several LEDs for testing and we will report about lumens on several mA input values.

Please: 1

+2500 lumen OTF (Cree 3*XP-G3 NW)
20 AWG
LEDs mounted on DTP triple star
94.8 x 25.5 mm size “1 * 18650”

“WOW effect”

I know I have no place to comment here. The design is finished, tested, and decided on. Buyers will buy and everyone else will not, and that’s okay. But, I have to offer just one piece of unsolicited opinion, because it’s sometimes just who I am. :smiling_imp:

The valley between the head and tail could use a little softening. If those square-cut shoulders were cut to a double-radius (an S shape) instead of hard 90 degree plunges, it would look a bit more friendly. I imagine it would also feel more friendly, holding it in hand. Since these are being turned on a lathe, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a huge change for the work-flow.

Anyway, like I said, don’t listen to me. This is not my project. I have no say. Carry on! :innocent:

Yes good point David
The is aimed to have the look like it came from a lathe but surely manufacturer will use a machine capable of smooth chamfered edges.
Fritz, comments?