FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I saw some bare aluminum recently that looked pretty nice.
They call it raw, tumbled aluminum.
Dont want to link to picture so I’ll just put a link if anyone wants to see it.


Interest list updated.

- TK

I could go for that.

They all look great to me. Just ordered a D4, can’t wait any longer to burn a flashlight profile into my hands, but I am keen to have both now to compare, and it looks like a holster made for one will fit the other so edc rotation works

I would like to buy two uf these please

I like it!
Can I please be added for a 2nd light!
I’m currently #783 on the list.


Hmmm… The struggle is real when it comes to communication I guess. And not just about lights…… :smiley:

And… it would not be any better if the shoe was on the other foot & the ’English speakers’ were required to speak Chinese…… :wink:

For this kind of light, no.

Once heat gets to the outside of the light emissivity is a good thing. Conductivity, not so much. The interior of the light and the battery can all take much more heat than my hand can. All removing the anodizing on a light like this does is make it so I can’t run it in turbo as long. There’s really no upside.

This light doesn’t have a lot of thermal mass or a lot of surface area. If you want something which runs at 3000+ lumens for more than a few seconds without getting hot, this isn’t the light you’re looking for. It’s simply not big enough… so its turbo level is really a “burst only” mode, much like the D4-219c.

The default settings place the ceiling at the 8x7135 level though, which it can sustain quite a bit longer than full turbo. Last time I tested that, it looked like this:

Anodising is essential IMO, to improve emissivity. Bare or polished aluminium is not a good radiator.

See Thermal & mechanical properties of anodized aluminum

“Surface Treatment of Aluminum, Wernick and Pinner, 4th Edition, P.608, Ch. 9. Hard Anodizing:

The thermal conductivity of the anodic coating is between one tenth and one thirtieth of that of aluminum:

The emissivity of aluminium increases rapidly as the thickness of the layer is built up, increasing to 80% for a 10 um coating. A thick hard anodic coating is therefore well on the way to being a ‘black-body’ for heat dissipation, and there is very little advantage in dyeing it black as is sometimes done.”

Aluminum Highly Polished 0.039 - 0.057
Aluminum Rough 0.07
Aluminum Anodized 0.77

Put me down for one.

Design changes AND personnel mixups, totally blows it for me.

Wanted a Fritz light , don’t want this mutated variation.

Count me out, unsubscribing…

I’m down for 2 can you change it back to 1 please.

The minor design change of adding that long tapered section was done to improve unclipping the light from a piece of clothing. So that is a good design change. I’m not sure what other design changes you are referring to.

What do you mean by personnel mixups? Do you mean Miller leaving? Stuff like that does happen from time to time.

I might need to put a d4 in a vacuum and see.

I agree it’s changed a lot since first conception but I’m still in.

Jason the tail end looks to have changed since the last revision. Both body and tail.

When I clip a torch into e.g. my pocket, I want it to stay clipped in. The last thing I want is a slippery shape that makes it all too easy to slide out again. Ideally it shouldn’t budge unless I lift the clip as I withdraw it. A good clip will even have a nub at the top that snugs over a typical denim jean seam, for added security.

I doubt that the decision for the tapered ends of the battery tube has anything to do with the working of the clip, just someone at Lumintop liked it better and probably thought it would sell better.

I can very well imagine people getting fed-up with the sudden random changes that chinese manufacturers add to BLF (TLF) designs, with the Q8 it drove me mad at times. Especially convincing them to change things back to our own ideas (even when they were clearly better) took a big effort. But in the end the lights are produced and sold at their risk, not ours, so they have the right to interfere with the design.

It is the way this process goes, and there is no other way to have a unique design made and sold for so little money.

Well the D4 has that funky coating (what is it ?) which probably has good emissivity so should do OK in a vacuum. Whereas a raw or worse-still polished aluminium body might as well be inside a thermos-flask as regards dissipating heat by radiation.

So we are left with conduction into the hand (important, however blood temperature of 37C is the starting point before any significant cooling takes place) and convection into the air (insignificant, particularly when the torch is clutched in the hand).

Thermal mass is good for soaking up bursts, but this torch has very little, and the energy still has to be dissipated afterwards, by conduction, convection or radiation.

What specifically are you referring to when you say “personnel mixups”??