FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public


I don’t think anyone is sitting around, delaying the light while we all decide what kind of emitter we want. This is all just people talking, feeling good about their reasons for choosing a tint or type of emitter.
In the end the scrolls will be carefully handed to the manufacturer with the results of the emitter poll and they’ll say “Huh? oh, no, we got a good deal on some 6500k emitters that almost look like Cree made them. Thanks anyway!”

You’ll notice Fritz posted some pics of the latest version and it’s looking great. Or terrible because it doesn’t have swarf and burrs hanging off of it.
(Swarf and Burrs will be the name of my soft rock duo.)

These folks are not some fancy engineering managers ruling over a 20 million euro project with an iron hand and a grumpy heart, they just seem to be drawn here while they await the coming of the special, daresay, Elegant triple.

This is going to be epic. EPIC!

Damn, this light is sounding really nice. Good stuff

I’m interested in 2 lights, thanks.

I did a quick thermal test just now. With the XP-G3 emitter it came with, and while holding the light in my hand, thermal regulation slowly reduced output from about 1080 lm to 800 lm, and then settled at about 800. The change was too smooth to see by eye, but it showed up in my light box. Then to make sure it wasn’t just the battery sagging, I held the button to ramp it back up to the ceiling, and it went back up as expected.

Results might not be so gentle when using full FET turbo though. It’s recommended that people treat turbo as a burst mode for brief use only, and don’t expect it to throttle itself gracefully when at full power.

Before testing, I calibrated thermal settings:

  • Navigate to tempcheck mode. It said the current temperature was 29 C, which wasn’t correct. This is expected though, when it hasn’t been configured yet.
  • 4 clicks for thermal config mode.
  • At the buzz, 20 clicks to tell it the current temperature is 20 C.
  • Optional: At the second buzz, 20 clicks to tell it to set the thermal ceiling to 50 C. (30 C + N clicks) (optional because 50 C is the default)

That only needs to be done once, and then it’ll remember.

Just told my brother about this and I need one more for him, thanks!

Voting is open for emitter details:

- TK

Sounds like things are progressing very nicely. I’m getting exited. I’m glad to hear they got the message about gluing things together. That’s a concern I had.

Domeless led has obout 20% less LPW than led with dome.

True. This would be pretty relevant if it was XP-L HD vs XP-L HI, the same emitter with or without a dome. But it’s not.

Thanks for the insight TK, by no means I believe the D4 firmware is lacking, just that for me it is more of a show off light, very fun to use but not so practical for everyday tasks. The changes on the FW3A FW sounds great and that makes it a light that I would definitely EDC. :smiley:

Please put me down for one!

351D 5000K 70cri has almost the same lpw(even a bit higher) as xpl hd/xpl2 5000K

Thanks for the work on this TK!
May I ask only 2 questions (more)?
a)The last prototype arrived with 10511 optics. Does it mean that production will be done with those optics? I actualky like it more than the 10507 and it produces a better beam IMO

b) Was there a practical or technical reason to not consider Luxeon V as a possible type of emitter? No need to justify, I would only want to understand if these emitters will not be good for this light!

Again, thank you and Fritz and all the team involved on this!! And pepinfaxera for the updates:THUMBS-UP:

The plan is to use the 10511 optic, because it produces a much smoother beam and can be polished pretty easily to increase throw if desired. The polished version throws at least as well as 10507, IIRC, but still looks better. I don’t know why they don’t manufacture one like that.

The Luxeon V isn’t XP-sized, which makes it not compatible with the other emitter choices.

Invalid vote
To vote 1 is to put it in first place?
or do I prefer to vote 5 and give 5 votes?
My favorite is XP-L
I gave him one vote. Was I wrong?

Please sign me up for two lights, thank you!

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Short list, Last requests .

Put me down as interested in one.

Just when I’ve decided I have enough 18650 lights, and I’m going to wait for 21700 adoption, Nichia emitters become an option. You folks are EVIL. Thank you for all your glorious, evil talent and contributions.

Vote early and vote often :wink:

Edit: Seriously, no need for voters to see the result emerging AKA exit polls, and be aware that if you put you’re email address into the box instead of a pseudonym then it will be available for all to see.

Edit: It should be blind. Too easily gamed (I’ve decided to not participate except for one vote, because I have some scruples left).