FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Please sign me up for two lights, thank you!

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Short list, Last requests .

Put me down as interested in one.

Just when I’ve decided I have enough 18650 lights, and I’m going to wait for 21700 adoption, Nichia emitters become an option. You folks are EVIL. Thank you for all your glorious, evil talent and contributions.

Vote early and vote often :wink:

Edit: Seriously, no need for voters to see the result emerging AKA exit polls, and be aware that if you put you’re email address into the box instead of a pseudonym then it will be available for all to see.

Edit: It should be blind. Too easily gamed (I’ve decided to not participate except for one vote, because I have some scruples left).

I’d like to be put on the list for one.

One on the list for me please!

Put me down for one please

A Noctigon M43 Meteor with XP-L HI emitters is only $30 more than one with XP-G2 or Nichia 219c. That’s a delta of $2.5/LED, retail.

Perhaps you mean “inefficient” instead?

Sign me up for 1 please.

Sign me up for one light, please!

Thanks for both answers! I do prefer the better beam from the 511, despite I prefer even more floody (but not so much “throwy”) of the 10508 optics! The 10511 is fine :wink:

And sorry, I wasn’t thinking about the emitters’ size. So one of the others will do the work :wink:

Thanks again !!!

Interested in 2 lights please. Thanks!

Interested for one

That’s a beautiful boutique torch, pretty much built to order, where choices of LED, external finish etc. can be selected, then waited for.

Like a posh handbag.

At a premium price.

Still, we are talking about $7.5 extra by your numbers for three emitters. That’s not going to work for a $30 torch.

As for “only $30 extra”, well, that’s a first-world problem.

Much as I like the idea of the Meteor, I find my Astrolux MF-01 (second edition) with x18 emitters behind an excellent TIR array more to my liking. It is clumsy crude and heavy by comparison but it works superbly, at a fraction of the price.

After these supposedly ‘tongue in cheek’ remarks & suggestions…… maybe it would be a great idea to not count anonymous votes at all.

4500K Samsung LH351D and I am sold :slight_smile:


Please add me to the interest list for one.

4500K Samsung LH351D

Absolutly the same, please :slight_smile: