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4500K Samsung LH351D

Absolutly the same, please :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m in for one.

You are right. I think XP-L should not be favorite :slight_smile: but your favorite is 1.
1 = first place = favorite
2 = second place = next favorite

5 = last place = worst

If you do not want to choose between one thing and another thing, you can give them the same number (a “tie”) for whichever number they are. So you could pick 5, 2, 3, 3, 1 if you want.

Some combinations of emitter and cct do not exist, so if for instance 4250k wins and we cannot buy an emitter in 4250k so we have to see what else to pick. Or maybe we tested one cct of an emitter but 6500k wins somehow and that emitter is very bad in 6500k; we should not use 6500k in that case.

Fortunately, these ranked results work such that it’s very easy to pick the highest-ranked CCT that exists for a given emitter and still know that the majority prefers it to every other option that exists.

It’s a bit harder to know that everyone would prefer say… a 4000K LH351D (which exists) to a 4500K 219C (which doesn’t exist), but where people haven’t voted anonymously, it’s possible to correlate preferences to a degree.

Can I be put down for one please.

Yeah, but if a 4500k 219c was available but wasn’t very good, we’d have to reconsider, right?

Interested in one, possibly 2.

If I get time I may do some beamshots with all 10507 optics. I do have a single 10508 and 10511 but i’m not sure I want to go swapping all the optics. I just so happen to have these in triples:

Jaxman E2L:

  • Nichia 219C D240 4000K 90CRI
  • LH351D 4000K 90CRI

Convoy S2+:

  • XP-L HI V2 5D 4000K 70CRI

Just from my own description though I feel like it needs to be emphasized that the LH351D has NO hotspot AT ALL. It could pass for a mule. I have reflector based lights with this LED in them that do show a hotspot but all of these TIRs totally smooth it out across the entire beam.


From the stuff I’ve seen about it, while it’s not got a defined spot, it’s also nowhere near the almost 180deg of a mule; it’s just got the even circle aspect. Would be neat to see, even if the drive current’s not the same.

You are right, the beam width is not the same but I more so meant the fact that it looks like a very “even” circle all the way to the edge. If it’s more intense in the middle you will not be able to notice.

Ah. Well that’s fine with me then.

It’s worth repeating that the poll is what we ask for, not necessarily what we’ll actually get.

For example, the current results show LH351D and 4500K in the lead, but the LH351D does not exist in 4500K. Neither does the 219c. Cree has a wide range of tint bins from 4000K to 5000K, but the Samsung and Nichia options are only 4000K or 5000K with nothing between.

So, to get 4500K, only Cree emitters work. Or to get LH351D, only 4000K or 5000K works (and it doesn’t appear that BLF has tested the 5000K 90CRI version yet).

In a few days I’ll probably make something to scatter-plot the data to check for emitter+tint correlations in case there are any useful patterns.

Hmm. I had forgotten about the limited tints available in the 219C (and I had no idea what tints are available for the LH351D). So I just answered them independently. Maybe there should only be one poll with the actual available options, because I care a bout getting a Nichia or a Samsung much more than I care about the difference between 4000K and 4500K (and I don’t really want any of the Crees).

What he said…

I’m interested in one, thanks.

Neither the 219C nor the LH351D come in 4500K. Both come in 4000K and 5000K.

I’d be pretty happy with 4000K, 5000K, Samsung or Nichia as long as it’s 90 CRI. If Cree made a 90 CRI, neutral white XP-L HI, I’d be happy with that too (I have a shaved 4500K 90 CRI XHP70 and it’s pretty nice).

Will it accept a protected cell? I mean one with built in charger. :wink:

Interested in 2, thanks!