FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Would it not be easier to chose one emitter option and give the option to order without leds?

Sombody mentioned only the 4000K LH351D is 90CRI. The 5000K is only 70CRI

The tree only 10m away under in the beamshoot is an important information.
How far is the house in the background away?

Can you add this to the description in the poll?

I guessed the tree on 20m. Being only 10 away I think the floddy one pisses away light has to much unused light.

I will vote for the XPL Hi. Having no dome it has less colored rings at close distance.
Seems for me best of both worlds for an EDC.

For the temperature, I want less scatter with fog, mist and dust in the air. 5000K isn’t good for this, 3000K would be good for this, but will never win.
So 4000K.

On the other hand you can polish the frosted optic. And if you want to swap LEDs frosted would be better.

How floddy is the Samsung LED compared to an Astrolux S41 / S42 ?
The first is quite popular so people can relate to.

That’s what I thought, thanks!

There is a 5000K 90CRI version, but BLF hasn’t tested it yet.

I went out to measure it… that tree is only 8.5 meters away. The house in the background is 53 m away.

So, yes, it’s very floody.

Both lights were set to the same amount of lumens according to my light box, about 107 lm, to show how things look at a medium level.

Interested in one, please add me to the list.

Interested in one. Thanks

But it was a “simulation” using a different LED? Until you have a prototype with Samsungs, or Nichias in it, it’s just an approximation, and potentially mis-leading.

Besides the various optics are inexpensive and (unlike the LEDs) trivially easy to change, maybe offer a set of alternatives for those who would like to experiment, don’t already have some in our bits box, and don’t want to buy them individually at higher prices.

That’s one of the great attractions of a torch using “standard” TIRs, the ease of experimentation.

Or at least show us how the beam looks once the frosted optic is polished, or the tighter one is fitted.

Or set up a third poll for optic preference :wink:

PS: Please clarify how many 7135s are in the “N” bank. I think you suggested that the max. regulated level (i.e. the max usable level) is equivalent to a fully loaded Nanjg ?

PPS: whilst I agree that using linear drive is more efficient than a crude FET driver, the low Vf of the Nichia still means inefficiency, just that the waste heat is dumped in the driver rather than the LED, which is why I am keen on seeing the Samsung used.

PPPS: what is the mass of proto2 (and the original design) ?

I should mention that in my image, which has similar cd but less angle covered compared to the samsung fw3a, the distance to the furthest treetops is 60m, and they are clearly lit. The comparison shot shows the approximate difference in cd/lm (though it should apparently be 2.25 cd/lm instead of 2.1) not the ultimate throw. I think the key thing here is to be sure the level of lumens at which it can continuously run is higher than what is needed to produce sufficient cd, whether the multiplier is 2.x or 4.x, and I think the lh351d is more than enough.

(rem: this image was unedited and the camera rendered darks as darker and lights as lighter than my eyes. The flashlight is the only source of light here; anything visible is easy to see without dark adapted eyes.)

I’d just like to quote our resident expert djozz. From two days ago.

Though he made a typo, I think he meant to compare with LH315D.

ISTM that the LH351C (not D) could be perfect for those of us who value good CRI, with less flood.

Surely worth evaluating. Available. Well priced. Let’s look forwards, not fall back on safe but unimaginative choices.

Interested in two. Thanks

Thanks Tom Tom indeed I typo’ed a C for a B.

The only problem is that although one can fairly well predict the performance of the LH351C (very good in both output and behaviour in optics), no one has actually tried it, and BLF history has shown that a new led needs a first succesful mod to gain momentum among the crowd.

(I’d love to test but have never ordered from Digikey, sbipping kills ordering there)

Hmmmm… that might indeed be a good mod for some people to do after they get their lights. :+1:

Did you detect my typo ? :wink: We all do it.

Interested in one. Please add me to the list. Tq.

I’m interested! Please add me to the list.

Interested. Add me to your list for one.

Thank you!

I find it interesting how many people want the super floody LH351D in a small EDC light. Much as I like my Emisar D4, if it was any floodier I’d find it impractical as a ‘jack of all trades’ pocket light. For the FW3A I’d much prefer to trade some CRI for a useful mix of flood and throw with the XP-L Hi.

We’re definitely on the same page, but we’ll see how the poll goes. Also, as TK said, the poll indicates preference, but may or may not be what is available.

Yep… I am on the same page with you two. It somewhat baffles me too for something that is supposed to be an all around EDC light.
But…. I guess that is what opinions & preferences are about, everybody has one.