FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I’d just like to quote our resident expert djozz. From two days ago.

Though he made a typo, I think he meant to compare with LH315D.

ISTM that the LH351C (not D) could be perfect for those of us who value good CRI, with less flood.

Surely worth evaluating. Available. Well priced. Let’s look forwards, not fall back on safe but unimaginative choices.

Interested in two. Thanks

Thanks Tom Tom indeed I typo’ed a C for a B.

The only problem is that although one can fairly well predict the performance of the LH351C (very good in both output and behaviour in optics), no one has actually tried it, and BLF history has shown that a new led needs a first succesful mod to gain momentum among the crowd.

(I’d love to test but have never ordered from Digikey, sbipping kills ordering there)

Hmmmm… that might indeed be a good mod for some people to do after they get their lights. :+1:

Did you detect my typo ? :wink: We all do it.

Interested in one. Please add me to the list. Tq.

I’m interested! Please add me to the list.

Interested. Add me to your list for one.

Thank you!

I find it interesting how many people want the super floody LH351D in a small EDC light. Much as I like my Emisar D4, if it was any floodier I’d find it impractical as a ‘jack of all trades’ pocket light. For the FW3A I’d much prefer to trade some CRI for a useful mix of flood and throw with the XP-L Hi.

We’re definitely on the same page, but we’ll see how the poll goes. Also, as TK said, the poll indicates preference, but may or may not be what is available.

Yep… I am on the same page with you two. It somewhat baffles me too for something that is supposed to be an all around EDC light.
But…. I guess that is what opinions & preferences are about, everybody has one.

Yes that’s a bummer. It seems the USA doesn’t like to do business anywhere else. Lots of things I’d like to buy there from small entrepreneurs, but no way with the daft postage charges (and customs duty on their imports, which don’t seem to happen with my Chinese purchases).

I last bought a custom bullet mould from a chap who understood the system, nevertheless it cost double by the time I got it.

Contrast this with e.g. led4power who can ship stuff around the world for minimal fees, from his base in Croatia. A great guy.

I’ll look around to see what can be got in the EU (still in it, for the time being).

A strip of e.g ten emitters shouldn’t be too expensive to post.

Perhaps a public-spirited USA resident could acquire some and bung them in an envelope ?

Is that really your conclusion? LOL!

I doubt Digikey is the only place to buy from, nothing in your country?
Check this thread: GB 351D closed.

Well, if the others you’re so surprised to find exist chose the samsung for the same reasons I did; it’s probably that A] color quality (not just CRI) is actually quite important, and B] while this is going to have a floody beam, it’s still more than capable of being the dominant source of light versus everything in the nearest 2-300ft when it’s legitimately dark outside, and when it’s not, it’s plenty capable of lighting plenty of area. I expect an EDC light NOT to let me read billboards 1000ft away, because to do that it has to either produce an unpractical number of lumens, which tends to mean ugly but powerful emitters, or it has to give up at the very least the sort of floody beam that makes it practical at short to medium range outside for not tunnel visioning, for illuminating the underside of a car, the inside of a computer, the space behind/under things, etc. (I had a silicone diffuser for a convoy s; it sucked and eventually I lost it.) As for the color quality, I use the d4 219c to gauge colors of anything I’m considering buying where aesthetics matter and the color is dubious.

That may be. But as has been stated by several others, it is doubtful the LH351D will make a good outdoor light or a good all around EDC light.

I have no doubt it will excell at looking for something under the kitchen sink or behind the washing machine, maybe even under the stove.

It will probably do very well determining the exact color of the boxers one is about to buy at the department store or the new living room drapes & carpet.

And as you said this…… “while this is going to have a floody beam, it’s still more than capable of being the dominant source of light versus everything in the nearest 2-300ft when it’s legitimately dark outside” … Personally I do not think it will have a snowballs chance of lighting up much of anything at 300 ft. whether it is legitimately dark outside or not. I do not think it will even come remotely close.

And as far as it “being the dominant source of light” at 300ft…… I find that very hard to believe. I find it hard to believe at way less than 300ft too.

And NO…… I do not care about being able to “read billboards 1000ft away” with this light (FW3A)… that is ridiculous.

But I would hope the FW3A would be a nice all around EDC… both indoors & out.

That…… is why I am hoping the XPL HI makes a miraculous comeback in the poll & wins. I personally am convinced it is & would be the best choice.

My opinion & choice.

Time will tell the outcome. :slight_smile: . :+1:

Do your research (USPS.com , UPS.com, Fedex.com etc ) and you will see how expansive it is to ship things internationally from the US .

China on the other hand is the polar opposite, their state owned postal system is highly subsidized to help exporter so it costs much much less to ship things all over the world compared to countries with higher cost of living like the US, UK etc.

I occasionally order things from sellers in the UK, France and Italy. The shipping fee they charged is usually inline with what an US seller would charge to ship across the Atlantic.

Calling shipping charges of US sellers “Daft” is in my opinion an uninformed remark.

On the topic of customs duty on US imports, well that is what your UK government impose on items from the US, it is not something the US seller has any control over.

Just my two cents.


Yeah. What he said. Agreed 100%

Well stated flashycali. :+1:


Put me down for 2 lights. I like where this threads been going the last few months.