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It’s why the Samsung would be a great balance between those extremes!

Not sure how to add photos, but I played with the manual settings on my camera and set it to 4500k and took a pick with both a Samsung 4000k and Samsung 5000k triple if someone wants them to post.

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Both 80 CRI

5000k Samsung

4000k Samsung


Yes, I did, but was doing it all in a browser on my phone so everything was so damn small it was difficult to tell what was what. Should already be corrected.

Maybe pull your link in your post so not to confuse people. I took mine out as well to make sure just one post of pictures with correct temp is posted.

Put me down for one, please!

Tixx, is your 5000K Samsung 90 CRI or 70?

@Tixx, yeah, is your the LH351D you have 4000k 90CRI and 5000k 90CRI?

I do doubt he has a 5000k 90CRI emitter though. At most he has 80CRI. Nobody, not even AEDe, can order less than 800pcs of 5000k 90CRI emitters.

In for 2.

Digikey sells them in quantities as small as 1.


@Toykeeper, you were right.
We can order 5000k 90CRI emitters.

You know what is funny though?
I just contradicted myself from a few weeks earlier from the BLF lantern thread where I linked all of the LEDs.


Here is 5000k 90+CRI:

Here is 4000k 90+CRI:

Here is 3500k 90+CRI:

2700k 90+CRI:

Highly doubt they are the high CRI. And they are awesome even at that. I’ll have to trace the exact ones back to find out. But if these are not, then their high CRI versions will be hands down the best ever!

Thanks TK and thanks BlueSword for the links, is there anyone yet who has tested a 5000k 90+CRI?

I am down for one already (#219), please add me for another, total (2)

Side question, is anyone else not able to get to the tint/emitter polls, the pages will not load for me

I have the 5K 80CRI in a Sofirn C8F and it’s fine. Even beam, super high output. It appears maybe a touch under 5K when I compare it to a 219C 5K. I see no reason the 90CRI would be any different.

D4 219C 5K 80CRI next to a C8F LH351D 5K 80CRI. White balance set at 5K

C8F XP-L2 5k 70CRI next to a C8F LH351D 5K 80CRI. White balance set at 5K

In addition the LH351D outperforms the XPL2 at turn on and at 30s, despite being 80CRI

How is the LH351D outperforming the XP L2? I do know the LH351D is the most efficient singular 3V LED on the market, but it does have a higher forward voltage than the XPL2.

Does that means that the higher CRI variants of the LH351D have much lower forward voltage?

We need to send one 80CRI and one 90CRI LED to Texas Ace to see if my suspicion is true, or to Maukka.

Maukka has already tested both @ 2A. I think the vf is similar enough that at 30s the extra output of the LH351D still wins out.

No actually, that is only for the LH351D 70CRI.

Higher CRI LEDs usually have lower forward voltages.

In the case of the 351D 80 and 90CRI, at 3A, the forward voltage of the 351D is actually lower than the XPL2.

It is actually lower!

3,28V at 3A vs 3,31V at 3A of the XPL2! The forward voltage of the 80 and 90CRI version is the same, and since the LH351D is more efficient than the XPL2.

That means the LH351D 80CRI actually has a lower forward voltage and higher efficiency than the XPL2, at 80CRI!

Cree needs to make a XM-L3/XP-L3 soon or they will lose market share.