FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I am down for one already (#219), please add me for another, total (2)

Side question, is anyone else not able to get to the tint/emitter polls, the pages will not load for me

I have the 5K 80CRI in a Sofirn C8F and it’s fine. Even beam, super high output. It appears maybe a touch under 5K when I compare it to a 219C 5K. I see no reason the 90CRI would be any different.

D4 219C 5K 80CRI next to a C8F LH351D 5K 80CRI. White balance set at 5K

C8F XP-L2 5k 70CRI next to a C8F LH351D 5K 80CRI. White balance set at 5K

In addition the LH351D outperforms the XPL2 at turn on and at 30s, despite being 80CRI

How is the LH351D outperforming the XP L2? I do know the LH351D is the most efficient singular 3V LED on the market, but it does have a higher forward voltage than the XPL2.

Does that means that the higher CRI variants of the LH351D have much lower forward voltage?

We need to send one 80CRI and one 90CRI LED to Texas Ace to see if my suspicion is true, or to Maukka.

Maukka has already tested both @ 2A. I think the vf is similar enough that at 30s the extra output of the LH351D still wins out.

No actually, that is only for the LH351D 70CRI.

Higher CRI LEDs usually have lower forward voltages.

In the case of the 351D 80 and 90CRI, at 3A, the forward voltage of the 351D is actually lower than the XPL2.

It is actually lower!

3,28V at 3A vs 3,31V at 3A of the XPL2! The forward voltage of the 80 and 90CRI version is the same, and since the LH351D is more efficient than the XPL2.

That means the LH351D 80CRI actually has a lower forward voltage and higher efficiency than the XPL2, at 80CRI!

Cree needs to make a XM-L3/XP-L3 soon or they will lose market share.

Isn’t this what I said at first in so many words?

Both 80 CRI
Set to 4500k on the camera

5000k Samsung

4000k Samsung

Note: ToyKeeper had shown a comparison once between lights of all sorts of CCT and CRI; the camera > jpeg > screen can definitely limit your ability to tell the difference in quality - for instance, the well-known 219b sw45k wasn’t that much different in the picture from the other lights. I expect if it was needed, the 80cri version of the samsung would be okay; but there’s 90cri so no need.

I would be interested in a 219c version and a xpl-hi version. What is the expected completion date? I’m kinda late to this party and this is a huge thread. Awesome configuration.

Hondarider: We hope it could be sometime soon, but nothing solid. As for your emitter interests, you will want to skim the last ~10-15 pages for some of the good info on the subject, then look at something like 10-11 pages ago for the poll link.

Yes, the polling site seems to have gone down yesterday, but it came back today. Not sure what the issue was.

The links are at the top of the first post.

Ah, right. I knew that existed for a reason.

The emitter is not decided.
And, according to the survey, See Emitter type , Nicha 29C has little chance
Just say how many flashlights you want, or you prefer to wait and see what the emitter will be.
How many flashlights do you want in total? … x … units? .
I’m waiting for your answer,
Please: answer in thread

One please.

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Short list, Last requests .

Please add me to the list for 2. Thanks!

(Edited to 2 after reading through some of the thread!)

I’m interested. Add me for 1.

I don’t know what happened, but average poll results have been changing over time. I did a quick dirty heat map graph of the results at three different times… 06-10, 06-13, and 06-15. And I noticed some patterns:

  • People who voted early were more likely to prefer warmer temperatures, LH351D, and 219c.
  • People who voted later were wore likely to prefer cooler temperatures and XP-L HI.
  • People who voted in both polls, and used the same name on both, ranked Cree emitters higher, and ranked 4500K to 5000K tints higher, than those who voted in only one poll or didn’t use the same name on both.

I’m not sure if this is interesting to anyone except me, but below are the result snapshots plotted as heat maps.

Correlated votes (people who voted on both polls and used a consistent name) (excludes anons):



All votes (no correlation data included):



Based on what I see in the correlated vote maps, it looks like, if there can be two flavors, the flavors should probably be:

  • XP-L HI 3D
  • LH351D 4000K

Those are the two emitter bins which are closest to the hotspots in the data. And after those, the next most-popular spot appears to be 219c 5000K.

If there are two flavors, I would completely agree on those two.