FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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Would like to be added on list for 1, if still available. :slight_smile:

From the first post

Have the prototypes an AR coating? If the FW3A gets the 90CRI Samsung it would be better without, or?

It is indeed quite different over here (densest cycling country in the world, on average 1.3 bicycle per person).

In the early nineties at least in the cities despite the rules no-one had any lighting on their bike and enforcement of the law was sporadic. Then those 5mm led lights came on the market, and although the output of those early leds was very weak and did not comply to the official requirements for bicycle lighting, the government was very pragmatic about it: little light was better than no light, so strategic checkpoints were setup by the police and cyclists with no light got expensive fines by the mass unless on the spot cheap led lighting (that still did not comply to the rules) was bought straight from the police :party: . The result was that within two years most cyclists in the cities actually used front and rear lights and were at least somewhat visible in traffic. Since then, led lighting for bicycles has improved immensely, and because cyclists are now used to the habit of using lights on their bikes, most have adapted the better quality lighting too (and many still use the 1-led dangling mini-lights with almost depleted 2032 batteries).

So over here the law is clear about minimum requirements for bicycle lighting, but the law is not enforced: anything that produces a minute amount of light, as long as the front light is white and the rear light is red, is fine.

Why am I not surprised?

Still not surprised…

Sign me up for one light.

Thanks for your work… :+1:

So the right hand side (4000K) photo looks more accurate to me.

An Xrite Colour-Checker might be another way to make comparisons that any BLFer could reproduce.

Cheap clones are available.

A colour checker would at least free us from endless quoted mentos pictures :person_facepalming:


5000k Samsung …………………………………… 4000K Samsung

Ok, thank you for the info.

As djozz mentioned a few post earlier, photos seem to be a not so good way to compare tint & cri…. but it is all we have.

That said, from the background & foreground info you gave; it looks to me the 5000K on the left looks much more realistic.

Sooooo true. :+1: … :smiley: . :smiley:

This looks awesome!

Please put me down for 3 of these lights.

In know that everyone has there preferences, but I will be happy with the lights whatever the team chooses.

Please sign me up for 1.

Looks great!

Thanks !!!

I think you say this because of what djozz has mentioned. I’ll be honest and say I cant tell a big difference with and without AR using the Samsung emitters. I have an E2L where I took it off and I have a C8F and Q8 with AR lenses and they all look good to me. Maybe I have an untrained eye though.

That is because AR lens’ quality depends on multiple factors, such ad the coating and impurities added to the glass.

There is good AR coating, like the one on the Q8 Kaidomain AR lens and the one that came with the Convoy C8, and bad ones like the one that was coming with the Q8 and my Thorfite TK15.

I’d like one, please.

I’m new here from r/flashlight, but I would absolutely love 2 if possible!

One in XPL-HI & one in LH351D

Id like to reserve one to buy when its released.

Great work by the BLF and hopefully this will be my next EDC flashlight :slight_smile:

I would like one, please.

What are you on about?