FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Interested in one


Pleas add me to the list for one.

I put him for one.
If you want more, please: publish it.

I’m interested in 1 please.

Well, this thread took a somewhat embarrassing turn. I’m glad people like it though. :slight_smile:

Interested in 1 please!

Also, its probably been asked already but will the ramping on this have speed similar to the D4/D1? I have a Neutron V3 and the ramping is painfully slow compared to those.

The ramp is 150 steps at 16 ms per step, or 2.5 s total from end to end.

Damn you, FW3A team, please add me to your list for one, thanks!!

Are there any videos showing how the candle and sunset features look?

3 minutes of candle

lightning demo

could not find sunset in a quick search, maybe TK has a video and I just didn’t see it in my quick search. Then again, probably not very interesting unless it is time lapsed.

I searched for
watch glass 1.5mm
with http://pandacheck.com

and found this

Don’t know if it’s good
But there are also sapphire glass. Is this used for flashlights at all?

And in the first post the thickness is stated with over 2mm

Today ends the poll for the LEDs?

Pleas add me to the list for one.

Awesome, for anyone wondering I just timed the Neutron and the time is roughly 6 seconds from min ramp to max ramp so thats significantly faster on the FW3A. :+1:

Should work fine, and sapphire works too, I have build a sapphire lens in my D4, it has 94% transmissivity.

Hmmm, I guess they’re sort of like blinky modes. They don’t look realistic to me, but I’m not sure what I was expecting. OTOH, they’re well done; I don’t see any sign of a repeating cycle.

As we discussed, it probably has less transmissivity but light reflected off it hits the reflector and has a chance to return - so overall it ended up with 6% loss.
If the second-chance emission hypothesis is true, TIR lights like FW3A won’t benefit from it because most of the light that bounces off the lens will hit flashlight walls eventually.

I am interested in one.


Sunset mode doesn’t look very interesting. It starts at low, gradually ramps down for an hour, then shuts off.

Candle mode was linked a few posts ago, though the video doesn’t show its auto-shutoff timer. It goes at regular brightness until the final minute, then dims, sputters, and shuts itself off.

Candle and lightning modes are completely random and don’t repeat. It uses noise from ADC readings as a source of real-world entropy, so the random number generator is actually random and never does exactly the same thing twice. It’s not crypto-grade randomness, but it’s pretty good for a 90-cent chip.

That is so clever. Respect. :heart_eyes: Please don’t keep us waiting too long.

Edit: you seed it from the noise from the ADC? That would work.

Edit2: this is so marvellously OTT to make a candle or lightning mode so random. I love it. Shine on, you crazy diamond.