FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Anything except raw/bare.

The tailcap might be able to do lockout by loosening it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not really meant to be unscrewed. It makes the clip loose, allows the tubes to slide relative to each other, and could still make contact by pushing the button hard enough to pop the rear PCB loose.

So… keep the tail end tightened up unless you’re swapping the button or clip or something. Change the battery at the front end instead.


I think a natural hard anodising would suit the light and keeps the original “raw” idea. Bit like the old Novatac flashlights.

Post #4000!

(At the moment.)

I’m in for 1 if there be a LH351D version.


And as pinkpanda3310 stated, this will also eliminate stretching out this project even further.
That in itself is a win all the way around…… :+1:

Honestly, the finish doesn’t matter to me at all. Not a bit, especially if it won’t matter with regard to a physical lock out. (I’d prefer a physical lock out, given the option, by the way). So, I agree, let the designer decide.

My guess is that they crammed the anodising tank too full. Imagine lots of tubes standing in square formation, Current density i.e. ano. thickness varying dependent on how close to each neighbour. Hence “seams” at 90 degrees.

Agreed, that would be perfect, and so durable. But proper thick hard anodising is a slow cold expensive process, I doubt Lumintop would know how, even if the alloy is suitable. It would be nice if they could though, it would lift it into a different class.

Rarely seen on a torch despite claims, the only one I have with it is an Inova X1, but I’ve also seen it on Surefires and I think Zebralight. None of which are $30 torches.

The main thing is no gaudy colours, and no bead-blast please.

I think at this point a natural HA would look best.

Yeah, we’re definitely not getting a good ano, but I still think it’s better than raw.

I like the silver finish. it looks unique. I assume they can get rid of the uneven anodizing in the production run.


I “vote” that Fritz decide this thing about anodization and colour!!


:+1: . :+1: . :+1:
“vote” that Fritz decide this thing about anodization and colour!

:+1: … /\ … Yep.

please put me down for 1. thanks

TK asked us for our opinions, so I’ve given mine.

Not sure whether Fritz is in tight control here, this is now quite a big project, and Lumintop will do what they do, hopefully listening to feedback.

Edit: and striving to up their game, which this already does no-matter the finish. Otherwise why bother with BLF unless you are going to listen and learn ?

Aesthetics matter to me, but I won’t get too precious about them on a $30 torch. Though it could be done beautifully and within budget.