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Hi, sorry I haven’t gotten the first-page interest list updated in a while. Too many projects all at once. That really should happen in the next day or two though.


I’m in for one

Hi and thanks for sorting things out :wink: I’m only in the first list, is that ok? OR was that just a feeler and we are suppose to confirm somewhere?

Study Finds Today’s Music Is Louder, Less Complex

Pop music too loud and all sounds the same: official

The first list is just not updated. If you see yourself anywhere on these lists then it has been noted.

Interested in one.


great, thanks :wink:

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Over time, pop music has become more optimized toward being safe and generic. Because it’s pop music, and that’s kind of the point of the genre. It’s getting better at its job.

The larger music scene, though, has gotten a lot bigger and more complex. Some corners of it are dramatically simpler than older music, like the ambient drone scene. Some parts have gotten dramatically more complex than older music, like the mathcore scene. And in general, today’s music is harder to generalize about than in the past, because it’s so much more diverse.

Edit: On a related note, this is a shameless plug, but…

Here’s an example of today’s music. Like, literally today, since I finished and uploaded it less than 24 hours ago. I have been told it may be a bit too complicated, too many moving parts interacting. It’s kind of a bad habit. I’m not very good at “less is more”.

Anyway, I hope people like it. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Click it for the kittens. The power of kittens compels you.

You are very talented!. You're right, it is complex music - like you I assume. Lively beat but sort of a melancholy melody that makes one thoughtful. One could slow dance to it with their soul mate.

ToyKeeper, I am somewhat new to BLF, but I appreciate all the selfless, good work that you have done for us. Thank you.

Ode to the Q8 candle? The music is a lot simpler than the electronic monster your using to create it. Awesomesauce.

I did like listening to your music, thanks for sharing. :+1:

Wow, excellent TK; I love it! Thank you for sharing…… :+1:

this kind of talk about music has been going on since freakin socrates. every generation
thinks their music is “better” than the previous.
scientific studies tracking complexity” and “loudness” really tell us nothing about how and why
music is appreciated.
find me a scientific study that says “complex” and “quiet” music is intrinsically “better” than
“simple” and “loud” music.

what is true is more music is available to be heard than previously. judging the “quality”
of music based on what is “popular” is kind of silly. there’s shit tons of music out there; go find something you like.

There is a simple explanation for that based on psychology and physiology. We all seem to experience things on a much more deeper and emotional level as we were growing up as teens and young adults. These early years are usually thought of as the best part of our life cyle. So all the things associated with that time frame become “the best”. As we get older we remember those times as great (even if they actually weren’t great). We forget most of the bad times from our youth.

This is why people listen to their older music, try to buy back their older cars, etc… It makes them feel young again and feel good.

I can’t remember if somebody already gave the above explanation. Sorry if I’m repeating it.

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Please add me to the list! Thank you.

I am already in for 1. Please increase my interest to 3 lights in total,

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