FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Pleas put me in for 1

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In view of the warning, Moparguy has removed his last post.

Any feedback regarding the emitter options that will be available?

If you haven’t seen it, you can read the emitter & color temp Poll results under “Old News”…. toward the bottom of the OP . :slight_smile:

Cree XP-L HI was first & Samsung LH351D was second.

5000K took first place for color temp.

As far as what the actual offering(s) will be… it has not been announced yet to my knowledge.

FWIW, what I recommended to Lumintop is:

  • XP-L HI 3D (~4875K)
  • LH351D 4000K 90CRI

This covers the two hottest points in the vote result graphs, and I’m hoping they’ll make both.

It would probably be better if they could do LH351D in 4500K, but that doesn’t exist. So, 4000K seems to be the closest option. Also, XP-L HI comes in either ~4875K or ~5125K, not exactly 5000. So of the two, I recommended the one which was more popular.

pepinfaxera, thanks for you continuous work on these updates :wink:

Please, add me for a 3rd light!
I am #512 and #1128 on the interest list!

The 3500k LH351D at least from what I’ve seen online is practically a grail LED for me, with 4000k not far behind. I’d love to see the LH351D in 4000k make the cut. :smiley:

I’ll update the list later.
I’m on my mobile phone and to upgrade I need the Computer
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I would like to get on the list for 2 units. What a beautiful little light!

Hello, I've been following the development of this light for a long time--finally signed up.

Please put me down for 2.


Please put me down for a second light.

Put me down for one.

Been following this project for a while, and seems like a more practical D4 (fewer accidental activations due to the tail switch), and I want something with the LH351D.

Amen, great job!!! Thank you…… :beer:

Thank you, but I’m afraid there are some mistakes.
I’ve been checking from the beginning,
I don’t know if I will before the group buyout closes.
If it happens, I’ll be sorry for those who applied and are not on the list.

because i am a dum dum, could you please briefly explain, like im a twelve year old,
the difference in everyday use between these two optuons?


Between the two proposed emitter options, you mean?

  • XP-L HI 3D: Throwier/narrower beam, “daylight” color
  • LH351D 4000K: Floodier/wider beam, halfway between “daylight” and “warm white” color

I meant to update the list before leaving for my trip, but I ran out of time. However, when I return, I plan to check everything since my previous update… which will probably catch any errors if there are any.

Your welcome. Don’t worry… you are doing a fantastic job. If someone asked and did not check to make sure they were on the list… that is their fault. You have asked them to do this.

Just keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

The XPL HI has a narrower beam with worse vividness / color accuracy and a tint much like the average ‘daylight white’ led you may have seen. It also costs 20% more - up to $36 from $30. The LH351D has a wider beam with very good color quality and a warmer tint than the other. Still closer in tint to most daylight leds than it is to an incandescent or many ‘warm white’ leds.

You forgot to mention that the XPL HI’s beam, while narrower is also much more intense. The beam with XPL HI will throw further (illuminate things at a distance better).