FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Hey mate! you are number
1336 – # Post . lew123


When you have a doubt about that, use the “Search within thread functions” to find names or words :wink:

Welcome and enjoy your time here

Awesome thank you! I’m excited!!

Ouch. At least from now on you’ll always put the filter on the meter.


I do not see my name on the list. My “interest” post was #4379.

The list updates take a while to be done! pepinfaxera is doing that but it takes time, so sometimes it is not immediate!

The list is updated till the post #4335, which is Delta V!

pepinfaxera updates the lists here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/45538/3870

And he makes some “state of the art” here and there! Here’s the last information given about the updates:

From then on he will update the list when possible. If after the updates till the most recent posts your name is still missing, please state inform him here on the thread! So far, the list will be updated when it will be updated!

In The Miller’s words, “It’s done when it’s done!!” :THUMBS-UP:

The emitter has not been determined yet. The cpl-hi is 1st and the LH351D is 2nd. I believe the poll is still open to choose which emitter you want. You can go here and rank the LH351D as 1st, then whatever would be your 2nd choice, etc…

You can also rank your favorite color temperature for this light here.

I am down for 1 as Tooreal #712 and #752 just wanted to make sure I will get 2 of these Awesome Lights.

Thanks in advance for a One of a kind Super EDC Light, waiting is an option to get a couple of these Perfect EDC Lights!


You are listed for 2 lights. That’s what the 2 numbers are for. :THUMBS-UP:

I would like to buy one ,when they are ready.

Your name will be added to the list on the next update. Welcome to BLF.

I’m using a little python script and a request log. It replays the request log to generate an interest list, and renders it in two formats.

Interest list finally updated in post #4. The current two-forum total is 1888 lights.

- TK

Please, add me for 1 light, Thanks

Your name will be added to the list on the next update. Welcome to BLF.

Hello JasonWW,
Thanks for letting me know for sure that I am officially still on the list :THUMBS-UP:
I prefer Natural Light as to Warm or Cool, if I have a Choice I would like 1- XML-hi and the Other in the LH351D, if I Understand correctly these are the last 2 Contenders, and I would be So Happy If I could Double my Order, if at all Possible?

Thanks for the Update these are Going to be Great!

I’m interested, put me down please.

thanks for the feedback. I was wondering about copying for use with the lantern build, but my programming skills are not so great, so I will just continue to do it manually for now.

I am thinking about writing a BLF List Bot to help the community. I am playing around with the idea.

ideas like:
Updates 4x a day so it doesn’t constantly ping the server
generates a list on another thread and original poster can link it.
requiring users that are interested to post a string like “BLFListBot add 1 0 1” for something like 1 of option 1, 0 of option 2, 1 of option 3
linking the user and the their comment on the list.

Much of it is still manual — reading posts, adding requests to the log, comparing to pepinfaxera’s list, running the script, and posting updates. The script just takes a tab-separated list of requests and converts it to two views of the interest list as seen in comment #4.

Pepinfaxera’s efforts have been very helpful.

The input file is this thing: http://toykeeper.net/torches/fw3a/interest.list

I started on a bot for this purpose, but I haven’t gotten it to a point where I can just let it run yet.

Here’s what it does so far:

  • Parses pre-downloaded BLF pages to extract individual posts.
  • Identifies the post author, URL, number, and some other details.
  • Removes quoted text.
  • Runs the remaining text through a Bayesian classifier to guess whether it’s an interest list request or just general discussion.
  • Displays all this info in a terminal and asks the user to confirm or correct the guess.
  • Adds the post info to a request log, similar to what I’m using to generate the interest list.
  • Remembers which posts it has seen before, and ignores those when run again later.
  • Detects and parses other requests, which can be used to more directly interact with the bot. It responds to things like “tkbot, sign me up for one” and “minion, cancel 2”.

But there are some pretty important things it doesn’t do:

  • Interact with the site directly, like logging in and checking for new posts on its own.
  • Make good guesses. Last time I was messing with it, I was trying to improve its guess accuracy.
  • Understand quantity; each request is still assumed to be only 1.
  • Post a daily (or maybe weekly) response to confirm each request and welcome new people to the forum.
  • Keep an updated list on another site.
  • Have its own web interface on another site, for more direct interaction.
  • Support multiple projects, or multiple products within a single project.

I was thinking of making a third-party site which provides kickstarter-like features for BLF projects, with the bot being part of that. But I haven’t even started on the site, and it’s not very feasible yet anyway since it’d require BLF itself to become an identity provider. I probably also just don’t have the time to create and maintain it.