FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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I have to update list.
Thanks ToyKeeper for your work.

Yeah, like a D4 with 2 xpl-hi V2 3A and 2 xpl-hi V2 5D in the 18350 tube running Anduril . . .

I carried a D4-18350 for a while, but it didn’t really hit the spot. I want something I can clip to me and forget about until I need it, but the D4 shorty is too wide and lacks a good clip. The FW3A does this better than any other 18650 light I’ve tried, but even with such a compact host sometimes 18650 is a bit heavy for that purpose.

In a purse or a pocket is a different matter though. I carry much bigger stuff in there.

DQG Tiny 18650 should still weigh slightly less. <10g more than D4 18350.

Yeah, I haven’t had the need for more than 3k lumens yet, but who knows that may change. I hear ya on the clip, but for as heavy as the D4 is not sure I would use it much. Still considering glueing a magnet to the tailcap though . . .

Could you please add me to the list

I’d be interested in 2!

Could you please add me to the list?


Put me down for 2 please! If there’s a 219C option, I’d love that. If not, any NW will do. Will these come with pads/vias for Lexel’s flashing key?

EDC Lighters can be made in most any size and shape.
Years of field research and tests have convinced the world’s largest producer of disposable lighters the size people want for pocket carry.

Size people can be made really small nowadays, with the right hormones researchers have managed to make them suitable for EDC pocket carry.


I am in for two.

Can you show beamshots of that (2x 3A + 2x 5D tints)?

I can, and will, but likely will be a few days. I’ll let you know when I post it for sure.

What is the estimated maximum drain in turbo (maximum mode) with 18650GA cells? Getting good 18650 batteries in my country is not easy/cheap and there are few companies willing to transport them for a reasonable price, so I need to plan 18650 purchases in advance.

I would recommend buying Samsung 30Qs instead, as much as you can afford. One of the best all around high capacity high drain cells. At 5-10A power levels, it maintains higher voltage until 3,3V-3,1V, meaning more brightness, and more capacity at that level.

I think I’m out on this one, please remove me from the interest list.

I know that this takes time to accomplish, to get the things done, but everytime I see new(er) post(s) on this thread I think to myself “This is it, it’s now that we’ll have some news about this light”!
And then I come to see it and…my hopes go away :weary:

I am and will be connected for this light, I want some for me and I’ll give one on my GAW, but this is really getting a long time to accomplish! I will not blame those involved (to whom I thank, seriously!!!) nor Lumintop, but…it’s getting to my nerves. And I am a patient guy, normally!

I see some projects being accomplished with other manufacturers, way faster than this. Of course, the complexity of some of them are not the one of the FW3A, but it seems that things get faster, with lots of less interested people!

This said, I’d really really like to see this getting done before the Winter!…. :arrow_right:

little late to the party, interested in 1 please