FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

The beauty of Narsil, choose your own step down
either timed, with a choice on how long OR thermally, select it and choose the temp yourself :wink:

Put me down for 1

Where do I get drivers with Narsil in them?

I’m not really able to make my own drivers or flash firmware. I need to order some pre-built drivers.

Lexel has a run of TA drivers that can be fitted with AT85 MCU flashed with Narsil

Told you about Narsil, but kind of missed your pic, We don’t know if the FW3A will be abl to be submersed in water, it must be able to be used in rain that yes

And list updated

If the o-rings fit properly and the light is well-made then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have an IPX-8 rating.

That’s great to hear about the stepdowns and throttling. I probably could have, and should have looked up the Narsil documentation myself.

As to immersion, I’m not counting on it, but if the FW3A is rated for it, I’ll do the same test. My main goal wasn’t actually to test the Prime’s waterproofing (though it did prove to be perfectly waterproof), but to cool it enough for a runtime graph without thermal stepdowns. My fan was insufficient.

Ok, put me down for one please.

Yes will do.

Do I hear an Echo echo? Get some sleep Miller. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha the page break made me miss th double posting, thanks, deleted one.

I thought it would be ready within 1-2 months :smiley:
Well, I can allocate my piggy bank account to another flashlight before this flashlight become available.

FWIW, I’m totally guessing. It’s just that these things, so far, have never been fast.

In for one,thanks!

MARK list updated

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How about For What 3ats Arth?

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Very bad!

In for one thanks

Yes will update list later

Interested in 2 - Thank you

Was there ever a final decision made on the emitter type? I know there was a survey run on reddit that showed overwhelming support for 219Cs instead of XP-G3s.