FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Mr Miller I am in awe of your patience and your ability to keep up with the traffic on three separate blf special lights and the associated group buys. I imagine your hobby has morphed into a bit of a chore. The q8 thread alone has got to give you eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. I am glad that the blf has you around.

Haha thanks
Keeping up is not that hard, though now I need to do a lot so probably will do one thread lost per day.
It is the program of Mr.Scott that is doing the hard work if I make the core list, grouping for the mass pm and for the GT generating a proper list, that is both precise and not nice to do by hand.

AND core list updated!

interested in 1, will be my first triple.

list me for 1.

Nice, will update the list later :wink:

Interested in another one.

I am currently on the list with 1, if that makes it easier for you to track things.

Yes thanks!

Interested in 1 please!

I’m in! Could you please add me.

Interested in one, thanks.

And MARK (gonna update list in a little bit)
EDIT, list updated

Count me in pls, interested in one. Ty

Yes will do!
Welcome to BLF!

In 4 one

Please put me in for one. Thanks

Please put me in for one


Count me in for one, please

Yes a list update is overdue, will do it soon!

Any news about progress? Just wondering.

I’m in for one. Nice concept!