FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I heard a little bit more about that. It seems the driver wasn’t flashed correctly. After reflashing it, apparently it worked fine.

Also, I sent a new version which I hope will be used. I think that might be what proto4 has now, but I’m not sure. Not much changed, but there is at least one user-visible improvement — double-click from off no longer turns off before going to the ceiling level.

TK was that FW3A specific ?

I don’t see any issue(like described) with Anduril on my D4.

Edit. Double click from off doesn’t turn off?

It seems I need to stop procrastinating and update the UI diagram so it won’t require color. When printed on a black-and-white printer, it can be hard to tell the difference between single clicks and double clicks.

Oh my TK. Only one thing I can say to those photos.

Two more Please.

Looking really nice, that switch is pure class

I’m in for one LH351D, please and thank you.

Light looks great, the beam shot even better. I have been waiting for this for a while. Looks to me as if it will find a everyday place in my pocket. I think I only put myself down for one 5000K light. I would like to add an additional 5000K light. For 2 total lights. Pretty late in the list so I understand if I won’t be able to order the second one at the same time.

Thank you everyone for all the hard work.

EDIT: Never mind. I did what I should have done and searched the thread first. I see I am already down for 2 lights. Sorry.

This looks like wallet torturing :person_facepalming: :money_mouth_face:
I will resist…I hope… :innocent:

It is looking pretty good so far :heart_eyes:

OP can be later updated with photos of the latest/last version, TK? :wink: And thanks again for the work done so far!
And to tatasal, thanks for these latest news !!

I would like to be on the list for 1.

Beam shot had me drooling and images of the light…WHOAH!!

My wallet won’t like it but I may have to request another one.

So yes, one more with LH351D please.

Will have to sell off or use my other multi-emitters as loan-out lights.

Thanks very much for the update TK. It looks like a crisp and clean design that should satisfy many who want a short bulbous triple using known-good components. That might be able to sustain 3 or 4 hundred lumens. Like any other such torch with x8 7135s (hopefully good ones). No FET actually required.

At least it has no switch or aux. LEDS, (vomit) so the design is still pure in that respect.

The thing is, by now it should have been re-designed with a tube to take 21-70 cells. The head and tail are so fat that the slight extra width and length of the tubes would hardly be noticed, and it would be so much trendier (assuming 18650 adaptor also included, for real people). Missed opportunity. Joke.

Fingers crossed that it progresses briskly now, and proves reliable. Good to see that you already have one yourself, of the latest version. That’s quite a relief, now that Fritz seems to have become a “sleeping partner”.

Running into four prototypes over several years made me despair a little. That’s not a normal product development time-scale for this sort of thing. I expect absolute perfection after all that process.

Thanks for your, and the other people behind the scenes’ efforts, and apologies for any undeserved chivvying and sarcasm/irony.

Honestly, you seem to be doing a great job, despite extreme adversity, and that is admirable.

So, when should I expect to pay for mine, and to whom ? Has Neal got that sorted out yet ?

Any idea if the diameter and thickness of the MCPCB is pretty standard? Would a Noctigon/MTN board drop in without filing?

i already told Neal that a colored manual is a MUST (for every Anduril driven light)
i hope he can convince the manufacturers

Sounds good. But that’s extra cost for the manufacturers, many of whom probably routinely only make black and white manuals.

Rather than trying to get manufacturers to change, it’s probably much easier to just make a black and white compatible version.

Also, there’s no need to have just one version: Keep the color version, just also make a black and white alternate version.

Honestly I think a good manual should be readable and usable in color AND black and white. I don’t see a reason for two different version when all it takes to make it b/w friendly is probably just some different line pattern.

Can you please also make it in Braille?

I’m currently on the list for one flashlight (#1323).
Please sign me up for one more light (total 2 flashlights - one of each emitter option).


Study the manual at BLF, Every day until the light arrives. You might need the manual for 10 minutes if you need to set the thermal config. By the time you do that it will be second nature. Anduril is very smooth.

I’ll take another 3 (6 total) if the price remains reasonably consistent with the initial estimate. I’d be happy to buy them without LEDs if the XP-L version is the only initial offering. Still waiting to hear whether a good tint bin of LH351D was secured.

I would like 2 please