FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

joechina did most of the work for making the UI diagram more black-and-white printer friendly. I’ve been meaning to merge his changes for a while, but I keep getting distracted…

Anyway, here’s an updated diagram which uses two parallel lines for the green / double-click actions. Also, click the image for a much larger version for printing purposes.

Looks the same

I think so, but I haven’t directly tested that.

Mostly, yes. I just needed to make the 1-click black lines and the 2-click green lines more visually distinct in ways which are visible on a black-and-white laser printer.

I don’t see the parallel lines. Are you saying that is something you have to add?

Interested in one of these!

Hi all, My first post here, longtime lurker and flashaholic. Throwing me in for one please! Dark gray, XPL-HI emitter of thats still the option? Ive been watching this for so long Ive lost track of everything on it. Love the look of the HDS style on this and it will be a perfect EDC along with my Emisar D4!

I used the same URL as the previous version, so it may be cached in your browser. Try a shift-reload to force it to reload images, or click on the image above for the printer-sized version.

Look real close, the broken green line is two parallel lines.

Bingo, I was starting to think I was loosing my mind.

Yes, that should work well in black and white. I find it odd that people are having trouble understanding Anduril. I true believe anyone will have this mastered by the time they drain there first cell.

Thanks TK.

Requesting a second (already down for one), so I can get both emitter types.

I like the look but the only disappointing thing to me is the clip isn’t very deep carry. Hopefully there will be an alternative or aftermarket option.

OK I'm in for Two More +2

I’m interested in one of each!

I’m up for grabbing a couple as well! My ’ol E-12 is looking pretty tired these days.

Edit: Two of the LH351Ds, please and thank you.

In for 1

Interested, for one of each LED (s)

Interested in one of these!

Andúril UI graphic

I tinkerd with the UI graphic a while ago with double lines for the green stuff.

I also did a few scaled down versions too because Toykeeper said she has no more space. A 95% and two in 90% and mailed TK.

Maybe use one of those? My experience with manufacturers is, regardless if the first run of documentations is full colour, there is always an idiot in the company who change them to black and white in order to save money. (And scales them down also)

I should read first the whole thread. TK posted it


Easy, there is a svg file, throw that on your CNC mill