FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Yes will update list soon
And Fritz is finalizing the driver, hope it can be presented soon for it is a thing of beauty!

That may be true. But, why did you feel the need to make that comment here? Do you wish to elaborate on your statement?

Bạn có thích đèn pin không? Bạn sở hữu bao nhiêu? :innocent:

anyone know how many lumens this flashlight will pump out, or how hard it is going to be driven?

Wrong topic?
Or what do you mean?
The driver structure is special, The double tube structure is special.
The tail switch construction is special
Yeah the optics are if the shelf, you mean that?

We have to test actual lumens, let’s keep it at 2000-2500 :slight_smile:

Another small update, the driver is basically done :slight_smile: Here are the pictures from oshpark.

Board Top

Board Bottom

Top Layer

Bottom Layer

At this point I’d like to thank DEL who patiently answered all my stupid questions and consistently gave advice on the schematic as well as the layout of the board :slight_smile:

Nothing Special?
What Polka dot colors does Fritz need to add to the PVD formula?

That was all I needed to read.
OK ……. The Miller please slip me into the waiting line for 3 of these.

fritz15, could you tell dimension of driver d and h ?

Nice! Thanks for showing this! Are these boards shared on OSH Park, or you keeping them private?

Great job and thanks for sharing!

I don’t see why not. But unfortunately, the driver is made specifically for the FW3A and won’t fit for other lights due to the second tube. I can add the link to oshpark when the driver version is final :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Fritz!
I so DIG this pic:

Just dang beautiful!
Gonna edit the title and OP later for the unveiling of a new BLF special driver PCB certainly deserves that!

Yeah, it won’t fit any lights that aren’t made for it. But, if it’s available, somebody can make another light to fit it if they want to later. Also, if somebody had a driver fail for any reason (not covered under warranty :smiling_imp: ) they could build a new driver themselves.

Looks nice.
Add me to the list for 1 please

I would also love the default memory value for one channel. I don’t know if this works with the double tube.

The double tube is to make the switch work, does not affect the UI in any other way then making sure it can work :wink:

Thanks! I forgot to tell but I assume that you know :
I am John(Ion in native) and I am flashoholic.

Damn, I checked the size of my SK68.

FW3A and SK68 have the same size!
Max. outer diameter and length
That’s compact for a 18650

In for two pcs. Thank you

Thanks The Miller!

Could you add in the OP where the size is mentioned: “This is as small as a SK68” ?

Many know how pocketable a SK68 is and an now the FW3A with the power of a 18650 :slight_smile: