FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

stehk, thanks for posting! What tint did you go with? Looking forward to beamshots.

Looking forward to photos and initial impressions!

Edit: I see that photos were posted; just blocked on my work computer. Looks great!

Congrats to the first commercial recipient of this light! Proves that all of this actually exists :wink:

I got the 3D tint in this moment. Hopefully the high CRI SST20 can launch soon.

I think Neal could not ship mine because I didn’t enter a phone number :person_facepalming:

Not a good google images search, BTW. I only searched for the non-genital version "purulent furuncles" and it wasn't good. About what I expected, though, not knowing what either word actually meant ahead of time.

That is what I ordered! We'll see how this compares to my typical 12-15 day China ship times.

I heard a rumor (okay, I read something elsewhere on BLF) that AstroLux may have bought a bunch of "good bin" SST-20s. Wonder if that's making things difficult.

Flashlights are definitely a hobby for me. They give me something to do, to plan, to tinker with in my brain throughout the day. It is healthy to have one or more hobbies, in moderation of course. But I'm proud of that, because I have too many friends and acquaintances with no real hobbies besides watching TV or playing video games.

I hope the FW3A ends up being a strong player in my EDC rotation, and I don't think I'll notice the firmware bug (since it seems I'm getting a first batch light). If it really bothers me, maybe it will be the push I need to start flashing firmware!

I’m really liking the 3D tint stehk, thanks for updating! Glad I went ahead and got one of each instead of sticking with the warmer colors.

Usually the phone number (on Paypal) is only used for text updates regarding tracking.

I ordered on the first day and paid for expedited shipping.

I just checked the tracking number for the status for my shipment. ETA to California is this Thursday.

Agreed with all of this. It’s a really intriguing hobby for me, and I can’t put my finger on why bathing an area in light from such a small handheld device gives me such enjoyment, along with all the intricacies of different lights, but it does. I can’t wait to get my warm white FW3A. Anduril is the best thing since sliced bread, and the 7A will be an emitter I’ve had no experience with yet, and I’ll probably end up with another one once the SST20 version is released :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with the puerile genital funiculars or furry uncles or whatever they’re called, though. Nobody wants that.

My 2 will be delivered by the end of the day… this Thursday! :cowboy_hat_face:

I received this mail from Nelsgedgets
“Hello [redacted],
Pls provide phone number for shipping

So I think I delayed my shipment. :person_facepalming:

Tracking says 2 of mine will be here Friday 3 May. So far ever DHL from China I have had has arrived a day early. Soooooo, I’m hoping for Thursday…… :wink:

Hope I didn’t just jinx it… :open_mouth: . :person_facepalming: . Knock on wood! :smiley: . :smiley:

This kind of thinking is infectious. Especially when I realized some of the fancy, smelly candles my wife has bought cost 2/3 as much as this light and are not rechargeable, nor as someone else pointed out, waterproof.

Clemence is planning an E21A triple board. I wonder if the E21A’s could handle the 219 build of Anduril (FET channel limited to 50%). That would provide a lot of color temperature choices. 2700K or 3000K could both be great. If you really wanted candle like light, you could go all the way down to 2000K.

He literally signed up with blf a few days ago, near the bottom of the interest list, and was one of the first to get not one, but two, FW3A’s … lol

Beside earlier get the light could someone tell me why I should order XPL-HI instead of wait for SST20 ?

@RobertB, the thought occurred to me too, I must admit, but I guess he’s just lucky.

Yep. As with many things in life, it’s not necessarily who you are… but who you know. :+1: . :smiley: :smiley:

More power to him…… :wink: . We got some good pictures & beam shots anyway. :slight_smile:

While we’re on the subject, sort of, on Neal’s site, fulfilled and shipped are different, yeah?

XPL HI are brighter than SST-20. So if you want more lumens XPL HI is the way to go.

Most SST-20 also have an unpleasant greenish tint. It’s much more commeon to find XPL HI with a nice rosy tint.