FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I have no idea what to expect for the 7a’s. Let’s just wait till around the 8th of may, should get clear around that time.

Got notification email from nealgadgets.They sent my order yesterday 4th May.Im on the 1475th on TK list.Hopefully everthing goes well.

I assume we didn’t do it on Kickstarter because of their fee agreements? 5% of funding amount + an additional 3-5% payments fee, afaik and $0.20 per buyer.

So if 3000 people had funded 35.00 $US, Kickstarter would’ve gotten 5250.00 $US from the team plus 1.25 $US per buyer. That is an expensive deal for a simple escrow facilitator that doesn’t take on any risks :smiley: (or in other words - each buyer would’ve gotten the light for 3$ more to fund the kickstarter fees).

Doing a community design (polls, messaging, consensus system) and fund pooling/shipping system would have to work on any forum, not just BLF, to make it a profitable venture. And the work involved would probably aim at the 5% per “mini fund” as a pay out to make it worthwhile… if you look through this thread a lot of posts are either status request for “where are we” or “design requests” or shipping status and/or similar.

The amount of work for such a system would also require cloning ToyKeeper :laughing: not sure if that is even possible!

Does this affect the switch operation if it is not attached?

Yes, switch will not work without it.


Where can I get a little black nubbin, whatever that thing is, to replace the one I lost.
I never even saw it. Didn’t know to look for it. Still got the rubber, but no plastic nubbin, only a little ring in the rubber where a nubbin is supposed to be.

It’s the nothin’ nubbin. Definitely effects switch operation.

/\… Good pictures Jason. Turns out mine was glued & holding, that’s why I thought it was one piece. But a tiny bit of side pressure, applied on purpose; knocked it loose easily.

Solution… clean it all up real good & reglue with some good Super Glue or any good glue.

It might be a good idea to have the whole diaphragm switch ( metal cup acts as a spring actuator that is retained by the kapton tape) plus the boot with plastic plunger available for purchase. I would buy a few, just in case.

Your best bet will probably just be to make one out of something.


+1 Good idea…. :+1:

Would have been a good idea to have included an extra in the spare O-ring bag. :wink:

I definitely can make that nubbin, assuming it’s ABS plastic or similar. I have a micrometer to measure the hole size, what’s the length?
That little ridge in the center might be difficult, and it seems slightly tapered on the switch side. Hmm.
For the record, this will be my first “mod”.

I don’t think finding the old nubbin is an option.

Probably won’t make much difference what you make it of. And that little ridge & taper… personally, I would not worry about that at all. That may well just be dried glue.

I wonder why they did not just mold the nubbin as part of the whole to begin with??

It’s a tiny hard part in a big soft rubber part. The soft part needs to be soft and the hard part needs to be hard.

I understand that. But I’m thinking a molded nubbin, like in other switch covers; would have worked just fine.
But… they didn’t ask me for my input. :wink:

I may remove my “pellet” & put a dab of silicon on one of mine to test that theory.

I would imagine the small hard part is there to stiffen the switching action so that the button does not feel mushy.

My tracking number still doesn’t work. I think I’ll be one day surprised by a new light.

Is Neal shipping with DHL? Or something else?

I think he is shipping with DHL to the USA and Germany. The tracking number I received looks like a regular German DHL tracking number.