FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Thanks Fritz! Yeah, the light looks a lot less aggressive from that angle! It must have been the lighting in the other picture makes the lines look harder than they actually are. :+1:

Wow nice pic
Gonna add it in the OP!

I’m interested in one.

I want one :smiley:

Wow, it sure gives us some perspective… this light is really compact !
And I like that sanded finish, I hope the final model will be exactly the same as in this pic !

That does look like a great design. Lots of function in such a small package. The clip will make it even more functional and easy to stash on your person.

It looks close to the size of my Zebralights. I initially thought it was going to be more along the lines of an Astrolux S1, but the shorter length will be great.

Yeah its almost a 18650 light in 16340 size!

I second the idea of engraving. It was done for the $7 BLF 348, so I’m sure cost is not an issue. There can be the choice of engraved and non-engraved versions like the BLF 348.

Light looks great, put me down for one! Thanks.

In for one!

Laser engraving
Does that conduct electricity?
Like the idea of printing the below text on the inner tube:
Design Fritz
TLF BLF cooperation
Goog.le short link TLF topic
Goog.le short link BLF topic
Goog.le short link to Narsil manual
Goog.le short link to BLF li ion safety 101 topic

But it cannot conduct or be higher then the rest of the tube (or maybe it would prevent the inner tube from falling out in which case it has a function as well.

No, all the laser etching does is delete the dye used for anodizing, to make a contrasting color of the aluminum underneath. I think even the anodizing itself is left intact.

I would want mine in German, even though it would be unintelligible to me :wink:

I’m with David on this one, it would look better if those shoulders (and perhaps the end of the tailcap) were chamfered so it’s smoother for cigar grip and aesthetics. I originally thought that was the design based on the first photo. It doesn’t have to be a long slope like the HDS. I’d also like to see more aggressive knurling so it’s less likely to slip from the hands.

laser engraving doesn't add any material. It won't conduct either if the anodizing is done after the engraving. If you laser-engrave something after anodizing it, the oxid layer is destroyed. This means, that the engraved area will conduct again. Since we don't use any dye for the anodizing the engraving will be hardly visible.

The inner tube can't fall out since there is a mechanical stop on the tail side:


(seems as if I'm not able to add pictures..)

I agree completely!

Is my one ready yet?… :smiley:

I’m in for one!

Meanie :smiley:
(and in a few hours CRX posts another super light made with brass, magnets, charging in an elegant design) you sir are one of the people making me want a FW3A for it seems the only way for me to get something so nice and beautiful as you guys (yeah looking at Dale, PP, MRsDNF and others as well :wink: ) present so often!

Design is Fritz, if he is OK with chamfered edges it can be done. It is his design, period.

So OK if laser engraving AFTER ano destroys ano the conducting stuff is lower so no risk
If before also no risk
I like German too
Words to translate;
Designed by

I really get excited to get a text on the inner tube.
It is there but only if you look, oozes eye for detail.
Fritz what do you say?

There are some real challenging things in the light, adding production steps and complexity on things like engraving inner tube does not seem smart.
Got a bit carried away :wink: