FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Please add me for another unit in addition to my previous unit (Total = 2 units).


Huge Thank You to tatasal and ToyKeeper for giving us an update and keeping this project alive!

I think proto4 looks fantastic!!! :heart_eyes:

On a side note, has there been any talk of a short 18350 tube for it?

Please put me down for 2 more (4 total)

I agree, loving what I see and grateful to the people keeping it moving.

I believe it was said very early on that 18350 was out of the question. I might be wrong because I can’t find any mention of it now. It is late though… Time for bed…

Yes, you remember correctly and it was pretty early on. It’s in the first post in the “FAQ” section. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates ToyKeeper. I’m still super stoked for this. Still have money set aside for my three.

The latest proto still looks great to me. I like bare finish look but this is very nice too!

any photos of the light actually ON

That would be nice.

… but not critical. It’s a triple using a standard Carclo optic. Beam should look like any other triple with the same emitters using the same optic.

I was thinking more of proof of life :wink:

Well we know at least one of the prototypes works. Didn’t TK mention she’s been EDCing hers for the last year?

Show me the insides :innocent:

I asked for a photo of the driver on the battery side, I got a written description.

Call me crazy, but sometimes I just like to see a flashlight turned on.

Please put me down for one more unit (2 in total), thanks!

I’d also get one more - 2 in total and each with different emiter.

There’s also this:

… and this:

Proof of life just came in about an hour ago, taken at Lumintop’s office.

This is XPLHI 3D, ~4875K. (Driver issues reportedly already addressed and fixed.)

Thanks, TK and Tatasal

I’m in for one LH351D, please and thank you!

I’m in for TWO with LH351D. THX!

Please put me on the list for a second light (so 2 in total).

The grey anodised version looks awesome and reminds me so much of Peter Gransee’s ARC4 flashlight circa 2004 (actually designed by HDS Systems)… I remember waiting with baited breath for that one as well!

Actually, if you look at the specs, there was much in the ARC4 that we see today - microprocessor control, fully regulated, user selectable brightness levels - all that and a vast 30 lumens for just a couple of hundred bucks - well, it was 15 years ago!

Huge thanks to the FW3A team and especially to TK for making this all possible, otherwise we’d still be stuck back in 2004….