FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

i already told Neal that a colored manual is a MUST (for every Anduril driven light)
i hope he can convince the manufacturers

Sounds good. But that’s extra cost for the manufacturers, many of whom probably routinely only make black and white manuals.

Rather than trying to get manufacturers to change, it’s probably much easier to just make a black and white compatible version.

Also, there’s no need to have just one version: Keep the color version, just also make a black and white alternate version.

Honestly I think a good manual should be readable and usable in color AND black and white. I don’t see a reason for two different version when all it takes to make it b/w friendly is probably just some different line pattern.

Can you please also make it in Braille?

I’m currently on the list for one flashlight (#1323).
Please sign me up for one more light (total 2 flashlights - one of each emitter option).


Study the manual at BLF, Every day until the light arrives. You might need the manual for 10 minutes if you need to set the thermal config. By the time you do that it will be second nature. Anduril is very smooth.

I’ll take another 3 (6 total) if the price remains reasonably consistent with the initial estimate. I’d be happy to buy them without LEDs if the XP-L version is the only initial offering. Still waiting to hear whether a good tint bin of LH351D was secured.

I would like 2 please

color looks good, its gunmetal grey or how u call it ? and the switch u will be able to hold in for ramping ?

flashlight manual in braille, you’re killin me… :smiling_imp:

Yes. It’s an electronic switch so you can click-and-hold for ramping.

Provide a .pdf color version that can be downloaded/printed and, to keep cost down, ship with the black and white version…… or make your own color version with photoshop……. that being said, this should be far down the list of priorities.

I have considerable experience with these types of illustrations and diagrams, and would be happy to help if needed. Just a friendly offer :slight_smile:

joechina did most of the work for making the UI diagram more black-and-white printer friendly. I’ve been meaning to merge his changes for a while, but I keep getting distracted…

Anyway, here’s an updated diagram which uses two parallel lines for the green / double-click actions. Also, click the image for a much larger version for printing purposes.

Looks the same

I think so, but I haven’t directly tested that.

Mostly, yes. I just needed to make the 1-click black lines and the 2-click green lines more visually distinct in ways which are visible on a black-and-white laser printer.

I don’t see the parallel lines. Are you saying that is something you have to add?

Interested in one of these!

Hi all, My first post here, longtime lurker and flashaholic. Throwing me in for one please! Dark gray, XPL-HI emitter of thats still the option? Ive been watching this for so long Ive lost track of everything on it. Love the look of the HDS style on this and it will be a perfect EDC along with my Emisar D4!