FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Nice to hear. My ROT66 is one of the earlier aux LED versions with an entirely stand alone aux board, but maybe in the future I’ll see about a swap if the firmware offers more advanced functionality.

So, it is added? And it is only for the guys with a flash adapter!
Tank you Toykeeper! :+1: :beer:

Beside the “random” blink at unlock, does it feel useful?

I am already down for one, but can you add me for one more please

Toykeeper, it seems there are earlier posts in which you mentioned you have a prototype.

Can you make an Imgur album and give us the second best thing to an FW3A (a bunch of photos of an FW3A)?

Disassembled, assembled, next to other lights, sitting in snow, etc. Whatever you feel generous to provide.

Put me down for 1 more! :sunglasses:

One with LH351D for me, please.
Thank you!

I‘m usually active in the tlf but now it looks like both threads there are closed. Does someone here know more about that?

new links,now in “TLF-Fanartikel”

You have to be logged in to see this? :person_facepalming:

sorry, I only answered Joduk’s question.

Do we assume that means we are getting very close and they are not adding any more to the interest list? Or something worse?

I have an account at TLF and I also can’t view any of the FW3A threads anymore. What’s going on?

Please add me for 1x LH351D

Many thanks.

Hmmm… probably best to assume nothing either way. TK or someone will let us know what is happening when they know. :slight_smile:

Sorry my mistake, i moved yesterday in our ‘Marketplace’. :blush:

Now you can find the german FW3A Thread here:

Sammler- & Customlampen

Regards from TLF

Good idea, teacher. I think I remember learning somewhere what happens when we assume.


I have a proto1 and proto2, and the pics are in this thread’s OP. I don’t have a proto3, but it looks the same as proto2. I also don’t have a proto4; the only pictures of that are from Neal. Visually, it looks the same except it’s dark grey.

I sure hope you get a final proto, TK.

There are some news in post #2 on mentioned the TLF order thread

- There is work on a logo

- ordering via Neal’s shop

- Hi $36

- Samsung $30

  • ordering sometime after Chinese New Year

Crosspost with TK :slight_smile: