fw3a , just received yesterday

i got my new toy yesterday

fw3a with xp-l 5000k

its really nice. came fully stock!
bought it second hand but its super clean and boxed

has anyone got any idea of a different clip, dont get me wrong i like the clip, but id like something a bit more blingy

what have you guys done to your fw3a’s

just getting used to the firmware, its different to bistro
but its a learning curve and a nice learning curve

i love the size

nice colour tint for me

in the post is a fw1a pro 6500k…

i think this is my new format torch i like

i think i might turbo gasket it and maybe aux leds not sure yet though

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Titanium clips… Ti Polished

FW3Ti Mini (BUG)

2. Ti Mokune…

3. Ti Brushed…


4. 2-way clip

These are nice clips , but I don’t like the idea of taping a thread in the torch

I can dig-it…it was very challenging to say the least… wish it was as easy as drilling and tapping 2 holes… it weren’t…. the clip themselves didn’t fit well at all, huge gap between clip and body, wouldn’t hold for shit, so the mounting tab angle had to be tweaked while maintaining the mounting (contact) radius, to get the clip tension to the flashlight body so it would make holding contact. Add to that, I broke 2 screw heads off and broke a tap… in the Titanium lights of course… yeah good times… :smiley: But they came out great, had them off and on several times (even with red loctite) trying out the different looks, the fixed clip is what I personally look for in EDC lights…they feel more rugged and look classy… IMO

Got a black FW3A from Amazon a couple months ago.

The black looked like a rereshing color change from grey. I was hoping to mod it with some 519a emitters.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be moddable. All my other FW3 and FW1 series lights arrived unglued. But this black FW3A must have an entire tube of red threadlocker gluing the bezel on. I can’t budge it at all no matter what techniques I try. This is as bad as Fenix.

GRRR… WHY DID YOU DO THAT LUMINTOP??? :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: