FW3A Moonlight default mode

I’m considering buying this light soon, but I want to know if there’s a way to configure it so that it turns on to moonlight mode by default (with a single press). Is that possible? How could I accomplish that?

I have stared at the UI graphic, which makes sense to me mostly, but I don’t really get how to set a moonlight mode or how to make it default.

This will be a bedside light, so I really don’t want to blind myself by accident.

A long press from off will do it since it always ramps from off to moon but there is no way without changing the firmware to the latest Anduril builds.

If you turn it off from moonlight (and don’t disconnect battery power) it’ll always turn back in in moonlight as well.

Or not. Maybe I am an idiot, but I blinded myself a few times already.

Probably should order the stuff to update firmware.

I’d guess you shortcutted to moon from off? That doesn’t reset the saved level to moonlight. You have to set it to moonlight by actually adjusting it to moonlight, not by the hold from off shortcut (that doesn’t reset the memorized level).

If you’re not sure what level the light has memorized and you need moon just hold the button till it comes on and ramps up one step then release and hold again so it ramps back down that one step, this will memorize moon.

A FW update would solve it too but that’s a lot of work if you’re not already setup for it!

Memory uses the last-ramped level, so ramp to what you want. Specifically: Ramp down to moon, then turn it off. After that, a single click turns it on at moon level.

Or use the hold-from-off shortcut to access moon directly. But it doesn’t remember levels accessed from a shortcut.

Or leave the light in lockout mode, which works as a momentary moon mode.

Or in the most recent builds (which probably aren’t shipping yet), there’s a way to manually set the memorized level, so a single click from off will always go to that level.

I’m pretty technically adept. What does it take to update the form firmware? Do I need special hardware to connect?

> Or in the most recent builds (which probably aren’t shipping yet), there’s a way to manually set the memorized level, so a single click from off will always go to that level.

That sounds exactly like what I want.

Yes you would have to buy hardware. This thread is pretty informative.

Or you could buy a D4 V2. They have the newer software installed.


Makes sense. Do you just push pins though those holes or do you need to solder them?

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Ah, my bad. Thanks!!

Is there a version number for this feature? If someone is selling a light, how could I know if it included this feature?

Is there an updated UI diagram that includes this feature?

How low is moonlight mode for the 219C?

Perhaps this is what I'm searching for?

    // click, release, hold, release: save new ramp level (if necessary)
    else if (event == EV_click2_hold_release) {
        return MISCHIEF_MANAGED;
    else if (event == EV_5clicks) {
        manual_memory = actual_level;
    else if (event == EV_click5_hold) {
        if (0 == arg) {
            manual_memory = 0;

https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/fsm/view/427/ToyKeeper/spaghetti-monster/anduril/anduril.c at line 782.

With a new enough version, ramp down to moon and then click 5 times. This turns on manual memory and saves the current level. Then 1 click from off would always go to the lowest level available in the current ramp.