FW3A Troubleshooting / FAQ

Neal hasn’t replied to my original email from Saturday the 25th. I sent it to his Hotmail address listed on his site. I also sent a follow up email yesterday, the 27th when ToyKeeper suggested I reach out for a replacement. Is there an alternate method of contact available? I don’t have the knowledge, skills, and tools to try and fix mine.

I was hoping to have a light for when I go camping in June, next month.


Let me try to take it apart.

If this is directed at me, yes, June 2019. I have a camping trip toward the end of the month that I would love to take the FW3A with me.

Glad you fixed the 7A…. :beer:

PM me if you want to sell the 3D. :+1:

Just take it apart, clean it threads n’ all, reassemble in order… as ToyKeeper & Jason suggested.

Go HERE . Read it, do what is says step by step, and hopefully that will fix you up. :+1:

Your being optimistic. He is not going to read anything on the weekend. So from Monday to now is like 2 days. The reality is it may take a week or two to get a response. It varies based on how busy he is.

It looks like you weren’t on the interest list so you didn’t get the message with full purchase and support details… here’s the relevant part of the message:

We should probably also add this to the top of each FAQ thread.

That’s how mine behaves. It teases with a few flickers to attract the eyes, then WHAM!

Hi all

I'd like to set the Party Strobe to a specific frequency. How would folks recommend I do that? I'm looking for 40Hz.

And I know there are limitations to accuracy and consistency for this kind of setting, but close to 40Hz will be close enough! :)

Many thanks,


set that up so it flashes 40x/second

get rid of the glow and blend options, change the colors to black and white…(or whatever)

just the flash timing is what matters

try and adjust light to that…

maybe computer screen in a darkroom, lighting up the wall…adjust flashlight to sync

I shut off 6 of the color choices and chose one black and one white for most flash contrast

Wow, GREAT REPLY, friend!! Worked perfectly. I used my phone to flash at 40Hz, then ramped the light back and forth until the flash from my phone became a solid white light when the FW3A shone on it.

I'll try it again on my comp to make sure the flash rate is set correctly. But it all was amazingly simple.

Thanks SO much Man Without Shadow! :) :) :)


Since there's no way to directly set the flash Hz; and this solution is so elegantly simple; I propose it be added to the FAQ.

Thoughts? Thanks! :)


Thanks for the gracious shout-out!

What kind of phone do you have? Is it using an Android app, a flashlight with configurable strobe?

Yeah, Im curious how it is done too? And why 40Hz?
MoodLight - Free Online Strobe/Disco/Party/Mood Light That is neat……

I actually just went to the website MWS referenced in his post. The settings on the website are very intuitive, and I just set it up to flash my phone's display between black and white at 40Hz. Then,played with the Disco Mode flashing speed until the display on my phone appeared constant (in my case it was white).

It's an amazingly simple solution, I love those types of fixes! :)


Oh absolutely! Gotta give credit where it's due, and gotta holler to others about solutions that are so simple and elegant :)

The 40Hz comes from a study that showed in mice with Alzheimer's disease, the 40Hz flashing light helped "reverse" temporarily some of the major effects. There's a podcast about it somewhere out there, I'm hoping Google will turn it up.

So, trying some preventative maintenance on the ol' noggin here ;)

Ah, silly me, I was thinking you were using the LED on your phone, not your phone display.

:FACEPALM: Yeah, makes perfect sense to just go to the site with your mobile phone browser. ;)