FW3A Useful Information.....

Getting aquainted with your FW3A

You have just received your FW3A(s), here are a few basic & simple things to do and check.

1. Open the box, it should contain:

  • 1 x FW3A flashlight
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x small bag of spare O-rings
  • 1 x instruction card telling & showing you to load battery from the head end

2. Remove everything from box & visually inspect your light for any external damage

3. Unscrew the head from your FW3A, check driver retaining ring for tightness, visually verify driver is properly seated, & then set head aside

  • If driver retaining ring is loose, tighten it.
  • If driver is not seated properly, fix it.

4. Check the tailcap for tightness & tighten if necessary. DO NOT REMOVE TAILCAP

5. When you are satisfied tailcap is tight insert a charged battery with the positive (+) terminal facing out, toward the driver.

6. After making sure of proper charged battery installation replace the head & tighten

7. Your light should now be operational

Please note:
If you ordered a battery with your light there may well be a clear almost invisible sticker covering the negative pole of the battery.
This must be removed to charge the battery & operate your light.

After removing the “sticker” check the battery voltage.
It should be around 3.4 V…

Charge the battery.
When charged, insert the battery in your light as described above.

Your light should now be operational

+If your light is not operational after taking these steps, please see Post #5 below.+

Care of your FW3A

Besides cleaning it if it gets dirty there is not much to do except, as with any light; clean & lube the threads and O-rings from time to time.

Wipe the threads clean with a rag and then lightly lube the threads and O-rings.

I use & recommend Super Lube Synthetic Grease for this because it is compatiable with any formulation O-ring.

If you use something else no problem.

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