I don’t know about the others but personally I have no obsession, I lived in the UK for 12 years so I can recognize a cow when I see one… :bigsmile:

I am glad that we make you laugh hysterically, we are a fun forum, I am also laughing with your eagerness to defend CPF and the damsel’s honor (no such thing though at CPF) every time someone writes something about her… :bigsmile:

I can honestly say I’ve never gotten the impression anyone here has an obsession with CPF. You might want to look that word up.

In fact, I bet no one has that impression, and saying that is just an emotional reaction to being the subject of our mockery.

only one word - lol :bigsmile:


Greta, a potential moderator here? Oh, hell NO!

You give me too much credit. I am just a simple troll who enjoys stirring the pot. You all know what that is like, right?

SheldonG.. G for Grunta. Gotcha! Its her, like in Miss Undercover, just not as beautiful as Sandra!

Greta’s here?

Again you give me too much credit. I am flattered though.

Truth is, I am one of you. You know me best by a different name around here. Figure it out.

yeah, ok, grunta

we really need the “ignore user” button here

I don’t like it when people use multiple accounts. Sounds like a DinoBoy thing.

And TheShadow

But its not kreisler!

true dad.

You know, this is the kind of posting that makes me want to leave. It's gets really old and it is really nasty and post # 26 is downright gross and doesn't belong in this forum.

There's a lot I that I love about BLF. Some of the members are the best in the world, but seeing all the slander, trolling and insults members hand out to each other and to other forums, really makes me want to post my builds somewhere else sometimes.

I'm sure someone will have something smart to say about what I say here, but I just can't see not saying anything at all, about a thread that actually demeans all of BLF and belittles all of the good threads on BLF.

It makes everyone here less in stature and affects us all. If this were the first thread a new person saw... Well maybe that's why there's so much more of this going on lately, it attracts like flies on stink.

If one of my friends read a thread like this and asked me if I was a BLF member, I would say no.

+1 This is not a good thing to have on the front page of BLF.

It’s a community. People in a community don’t always get along or do what you want. I’m in lots of communities where I don’t like everything that every member does. The only way to change people in the community, other than asking politely (which is a decent way to do it!), is to pass rules. And as BLF evolves, it seems we are getting more and more rules. It would be good if you find things you don’t like to just point it out and hope they are nice enough to change it.

that and give us a locker room forum that doesn’t show up on the main page so we have an outlet…need to be a registered member to be in there etc…

Not liking what I see here. People calling for censorship? Really? Just what do you expect in a thread about C^F? Here is a couple of facts - It’s broken a lot and run by jerks (for the most part) that censor darn near everything along with banning people on a whim. Just what we need here, eh? I have no problem with most of their members. Heck, I used to be one (No, I wasn’t banned). I can’t speak for everyone here but ‘I’ only see this kind of stuff every time C^F is mentioned. Wonder why? I don’t. Kinda fun to vent and rant about them once in a while. I don’t see much negative commenting on other threads/posts dealing with other topics. Works for me. You want censorship and complete control on this site too? I’ll betcha that most don’t. Everybody knows where they can go to get plenty of that. Yep, C^F! Don’t be so darn sensitive. If it offends you - don’t finish reading it and move on to the next one.

The pic, while uncalled for, made me laugh. Nope, not offended at all.

My 2 cents.