I agree with you and Old Lumens… but my consensus is, that while entertaining, BLF could get a whining and picking reputation and I don’t think that’s good. This place is better than that, plus, it’s a waste of emotional and creative energy that could be channeled into doing our mods instead, or something else that does no harm.

That’s my 2 cents! 0:)


I think you misunderstood yellowhorse. :P

Agree 100%! In case some of you haven’t quite grasped it, this has been the point of my “trolling” all along.

Figured it out yet?

ISTL? Or Grunta?

I don’t think I misunderstood. In fact, I don’t even need to understand. Everybody has an opinion and I expressed mine. Others expressed theirs. You can agree or not agree. I’m still gonna say what comes to mind. It was never my intent to single out anybody for their thoughts or views but I’m also not one to chant along with the choir either. As individuals, we all have different opinions on what we find to be offensive. What do I do when see something I don’t like? I look away and find something else to look at. I don’t set up a picket line at the publishers office and protest about how they offended me. Nobody made me look. That said, we all know what is really unacceptable and offensive on every level and should never be tolerated. Pictures and stories of Rape, child porn/molestation, murder, torture, animal abuse, etc. are things that we all know (hopefully) are waaay out of bounds. A cow licking it’s butt? Come on guys, get over it. Besides, ‘G’ never looked so good! Quite flattering.

Maybe I misread dorpmuller but he said that he agrees with both you and OL. I have nothing against your opinion I was saying I think that dorpmuller misunderstood you. Maybe I was wrong.

I agree 100%, don’t worry old lumens I’ve been howled down for expressing the same sentiments in the past.

And mine . . having fun sometimes we go overboard.

Had a parallel conversation with my adult son the other day . . we were talking about something else but he expressed understanding by using the example of auto license plates . . we dislike but accept somebody has to be there to draw a line because a few people are unable to self-regulate and we need that in the part of polite society where all stripes routinely interact.

We don’t want government to do that for us . . most of us would prefer people moderate themselves . . cut loose in a place where such is encouraged and keep certain behaviors out of the open public where most reasonable people will be comfortable . . yes there are some who complain about too hot and too cold, but there is a fair middle that most can understand and abide . . when we aren’t too busy being funny and clever and whatever.

BLF admin has set the guidelines and mostly given wide lattitude. I’m just trying to ’splain them as I see them.

Personally, apart from good reviews and info, some of my favorite threads are the deleted ones until they get so crazy somebody has to complain and the mellow has been harshed. I like the idea of an open locker room that comes with a warning crass isn’t whined about (not saying dirty). It shouldn’t get included in the recent messages link. Move threads or posts there as they cross the line. Again, just my 2 cents.

+1 I think a locker room type thing is definitely needed.

We really need the locker room! Private to members only and not shown in main page of recent posts.

+1 on a locker room. Those easily offended will know not to go there.

+1 on a locker room

Only open threads that interest you. Works for me. After being INSULTED more than once over there I came across a thread bashing CPF and thought WOW, its not just me. I am a little curious why some that don”t like the tenor of these threads keep opening them Hmmm


Hmmm… a puzzle with no prize. SheldonG, anagram Long Shed? Hels Dong… Ln she dog. Hong Leds… yeah… ah… No
Maybe a certain missing CPF mod has crossed over to the dark side (or light side). Just thinking out loud.

Maybe it’s goran? I still think its ISTL though.

Maybe the admin should not allow people to have multiple accounts…

Not Goran and not ISTL. I don’t remember either of them caring much about CPF.

I agree.

I'm thinking that it's good ol' "barnyard" Grunta.

SheldonG is an anagram of "gold hens" and "lends hog."

You don't want to know what it means when Grunta "lends you a hog." :X

I just thought I saw Hels Dong.