I bid on this, but also just got one in from the eBay guy in CA. Tested after full charge, and it did well, but can't beat the KK ICR 4200. I should post the test results of several 26650 cells. These MOLI's are huge in length by the way bigger than TF 5000's - unusable for me in several lights. I should have checked this carefully first. As Wayne found out, they are manufactured in 2008, but they have been stored properly and are unused.

I bought one off a hobbiest in Michigan. They are big, but fit my WillBuying XM-L2 HD2010. Tail current drops fast but got over 4 amps couple times in that light. Cardboard on mine slips right off, but is longer than a 26650 and wider with the cardboard exterior. Seems ok, mine was made in 2007.

On a mod'ed XinTD X3 with 12 380 7135's (4.56A total), here some test results:

KK ICR 4200 (FFL/CNQ): 4.56A measured at tail

MOLI cell (eBay): 4.54A measured at tail

KK ICR 4000: 4.48A measured at tail

MNKE IMR: 4.21A measured at tail

KK INR 4000: 4.07A measured at tail

All cells were at or near full charge. The only notably lower one was the KK INR at 4.13v.

Tom E wrote:

. . . As Wayne found out, they are manufactured in 2008, but they have been stored properly and are unused.

It was B42 that found out. Also, keep in mind that the "Moli manufacturer" that was not actually Moli is the same source that said the cells were properly stored and unused. I would make good and sure they are safe before using in series.

Yes - thanx! You're right B42 did the leg work, just that this eBay posting is Wayne's, so that's why I referred to him - he's the eBay seller, and I'm probably going to get stuck with the winning bid. In my tests on a XinTD X3 at 4.56A from 12 380 7135's, the MOLI could get 4.54A while a KK ICR 4200 got 4.56A, and a KK ICR 4000 got 4.48A. Of course it's only 1 cell of each, but it tells me it's up there, but not blowing away a KK ICR 4200. Waiting for the SONY's now - expect them to be as good or better than the KK ICR 4200, but the 4200 is an insane combo of high performance (low resistance) and capacity. Of course I can't use a MOLI in the X3 or my HD 2010 because it's too long. Dunno how you could use these MOLI's in a 2 or 3 cell light because the lengths. It's still longer than a TF 5000.

Maybe Ebay has a process to cancel the bid. You have a valid reason as you didn't know the age of the cell when you placed your bid.