Gas Prices Going Up

I ride a motorcycle, a street legal dirt bike with a 200cc motor that gets me nearly 80 MPG and currently costs me just under 8 bucks to fill it with premium. I aint terribly worried even if gas goes up.

What you guys pay per gallon is pretty much what Brazilian vehicle owners pay per liter. Fuel prices were one reason why I ditched my car and started commuting by bicycle.

Yes, count yourselves lucky. My son has a student job as an assistant manager at a local restaurant, and his hourly wage is not even enough to buy ONE LITRE at today’s prices. To buy a U.S. Gallon of petrol or diesel he would have to work for 4 hours.

I wonder if South Africa’s bike market is on the rise too.

Not safe to use a bike here, if you aren’t run over by a minibus taxi first, you will be bike-jacked.

Public transport is also unsafe and irregular, not a viable option for the suburbs.

Around here petrol is about £1.20 per litre and diesel £1.33. Super Unleaded / RON 95 is at least £1.35.

That works out to $5.96, $6.60 and $6.71 per gal-US.

I’ve been driving an EV since 2014.

This morning the news report stated the US should see a national average of about $2.75 $2.76 per gallon peak this summer, something like 7 cents lower than last year. I guess if EU is well above 7 already, a climb to about 8 or 9 seems a bit high but plausible.

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Yeah, and people wonder why electric cars should replace gasoline cars.

Still, there are multiple reasons why I use my E-Bike in conjunctions with public transport rather than buying a gas car.

1. Electricity is much cheaper than gas.
2. Adding to that, E-Bikes are so efficient I don’t even worry about fuels costs.
3. It keeps me active.
4. I don’t have enough money to buy any type of car yet. Buying a car isn’t a priority.
5. I don’t want to support Saudi Arabia with any of my money, especially knowing what very questionable things they’ve done.
6. Most of my trips take the same time as using a car, and is even slightly quicker.
7. When I had a restaurant job during the summer last year, using my E-Bike loaded not only cost me way less money, but I was actually faster in terms of shipping for close-medium distances, so customers were happier dealing with me.

I’m saving at least £100 a month.

Luckily, I can take a pair of buses to work. Forced down-time of a bit over an hour each way, but not bad if I got some puzzles to keep me busy, or just want to chillax and take in the view.

Going by car is (well, should be, but not lately) a 15min trip, max. Costs me about the same per trip, whether carfare or gasoline.

Makes me laugh when americans complain about petrol prices, they don’t know how good they have it compared to the rest of the world.

What I’m paying at the moment is about $6.50 per gallon.

Doing the math, over here it’s around US$3.83 per gallon. Except our currency is worth a quarter of a dollar – with a college degree boosting my salary, I barely make $12K a year and could still be considered “middle class”.

$2.60 gallon , what luxury :heart_eyes:

People here in the US should not complain about gasoline prices, IMO.

The last link is kind of interesting as it gives examples of what percentage of the average daily wage goes to buy one US gallon of gasoline

I don’t know about electric cars, I think they are way too expensive and I don’t know a cheap way of charging them either.

Maybe it’s a way to curb our Flasholism and other addictions. :weary:

I bet you those oil barons are saying: “Y’all , I saah thaahse BLF guys are spendahn’ way too much monaahy on Flashlaahghts, …let’s get some!!.

Local price for 91 is $1.56 AUD per ltr. Figure that out at $1 AUD = 67c US.
Diesel coupla cents cheaper.
UK you lucky. you could travel from Lands End To J.O.G. on 2/3rds of my Patrol Tankage (1160km range).
It takes me 4 + 1100km days and near 5 tanks . to get from Melbourne to Darwin.

You don’t NEED very much you can’t go too far.
I did Bristol Airport to Hadrians Wall comfortably in less than a day
up the West coast on last visit there. and down the other side.

On the Motorways I was involved in building, cause you had none.
(and paid for my first house)
Back in Early ’60’s…

I pay about 13p per kWh at home. That works out to 4 pence per mile to run my EV.

My little Vauxhall with a 1.3L (80 cu in) diesel cost about 12p per mile for fuel. Our 2012 BMW Z4 (2L petrol) was about 20p per mile on high octane petrol. An F-150 would cost about 30p per mile here.

Converting back to dollars:

Home to Liverpool in my i3: $10
Home to Liverpool in an F-150: $80 + about $3 extra in toll charges.

Been in a Prius since 2013, it's nice. I don't notice the gas prices.

An old colleague of me used to say: gas prices rising? Really don’t know, I always pay €50.

I live in San Francisco and gas prices are almost $4/gallon. I envy the other parts of the US :frowning: