Gas-proof XM-L dome.

Attempting to de-dome an XM-L U2 for a C8 thrower build project, so I have an XM-L cool white emitter on a 20mm star, suspended by wire submerged upside down in regular unleaded fresh gasoline in a glass jar now for over 2 hours, and the dome is still im perfect conditon and still feels solid. ( even after slitting the dome’s surface, its still solid.
Any thoughts ?

UPDATE: it just finally fell off finally after a couple more hours and got a perfectly clean dedomed XM-L U2 :slight_smile:

Canadian gas just lacks kick?
I’m sure more time will do it tho. People have left them overnight with no reported ill effects.

perhaps you need shell’s nitrogen enhanced gas, or chevron with techron :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve never liked the idea of gasoline dedoming because gasoline is not a single molecule like other chemicals, but is a composite mixture that doesn’t have a single recipe

Mine went an hour and 30 and it was the same thing. I’m told it takes up to 12 hours submerged in a Mason jar of gasoline.

just screw the lid on and leave it somewhere safe till morning, the trick is not to rush it.

I used four year old two stroke mix and it worked, just let it sit.

I could have sworn gasoline had a single recipe.

Simmer on low heat any assortment of dinosaurs in a sealed pressure cooker for a few million years. Being sure to resist any urge to open it “just to check it” until the timer rings off.
At least thats the way I learned it from my grandmother. :slight_smile:
Now that I think about I vaguely recall her saying some people will use any fauna (or flora even). :X She always insisted on only purebred dinos and boy, oh boy, hers was the best!

Now I have the urge to whip some up. Anyone seen kreisler around…?

Our cheap Canadian gas :stuck_out_tongue:

i will leave it for all night then to see if that works.

UPDATE ! it just fell of and got perfect dedome :slight_smile:


Now all us children can sleep snug in our beds,
while dreams of little LEDs dance in our heads.

We need pics when you have a chance by the way.

kreisler may have deleted himself by now

Here is the results.

the domed XM-L in the fuel:

The clean result after a fiew hours:

Nice, just a wee little bit to protect the wires some. While it MAY affect beam on a white wall, it will be negligible with real world use.

Good Job!

nice. I definitely found patience was the key.

suspend emitter at least a night before intended fitting time. check in morning, remove and drop into other nescafe jar to air, rince with meths and its done.

So far its good. Its going into a C8 “Long Range” model ( Deep reflector) and using a Nanjq 105c 3.06 A driver.