GB BLF LuckySun D80-SE Need long tubes? -3/3/16

I taped half the star, sanded the masking off the surface of the other half revealing the copper trace, then further on one quarter to expose the fire safe g10 type material of the board between the thermal pad and the copper star.

Ahhhh, so we were wanting a solid copper star with separation between the LED halves electrically to take the heat right to the pill… Thanks for the pic and explanation…

What we want is for the copper board to connect directly to the thermal pad of the emitter. The LED has three pads on the bottom: the LED+ pad, a center pad for thermal conductivity, then the LED- pad. The board Dale was testing didn’t have a direct connection for the thermal pad to the board. It had an insulating layer that all three pads and all of their respective traces were deposited on top of. So, the heat coming out of the thermal pad of the LED had no where to go but through the traces extended out across the top of the board. That doesn’t get the heat away from the emitter quickly enough.

I will take 3 of these lights please, (2) of 3A and (1) of 1C.

So was that a supplier sample from LuckySun after you requested a DTP star sample?

FYI, that board may not be DTP but it does not perform so bad at all, it featured in my 6x XM-L board test: the green line in the graph:

Yeah I don’t quite get the PCB problem. Use a known DTP board that performs, and be done with it. :bigsmile:

I will be producing D80-SE fixed aspheric versions using optical-grade ground lenses, XP-G2 S4 de-domed emitters, and custom bezels that clear the asphere surface. They WILL use copper pills with copper DTP boards screw mounted on top. Why is the SE needed, then? Just because it will say BLF on the side, of course. :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in these, please PM me.

wow, that sounds like a h*ll of an upgrade, I'm really curious about the performance of that, it should be impressive for such a small package!

djozz, do you have anything on emitter temps with that star vs DTP versions? I’m wondering how much hotter the emitter gets at similar/same currents if the heat is blocked from the copper star and thus, a direct path to the mass of the light.

Relative of course to life term, ie: how much longer might an emitter last on the name brand stars as compared to this and then the aluminum version.

Count me in 3C please.

One 3C for me please

Count me in for one 3C.


I hope you do a write up when you have built them :slight_smile:

Add me to the list please.
One in 3c. Thanks mate

Great news about the Noctigon.

I just wonder how Lucky Sun is going to deal with the Noctigon being thicker than their own ledboard, something has to alter a bit.

Wow a real Noctigon in a stock GB light :slight_smile: good work krono :slight_smile: you just keep raising the bar here :wink: i wonder what’s next.

Is this a first? It feels like it, but i am still quite new here 0:)

I am HANGING for this light, keeps getting better and better

Alright, please put me down for a 3c. Thanks

Please add me in for a 3C. Thanks!

Add me to the list, please, for a 3C.