[GB-Closed!] Supbeam k40-l2 (Payment details in 2nd post!)


Price: $83.30 per item, shipped directly from Supbeam and includes metal carry case and all regularly included accessories

Time frame: Now until July 30th 2013. Items will ship on the 31st

Units needed for group buy: 5+

Payments will be made directly to Supbeam, and shipped to each member involved directly from Supbeam. Where the forums are an international hangout, it just is not possible for me to take shipment and distribute them. Would not be time or cost effective

List of manufacturer specs:

Cree XM-L2 LEDs with lifespan 20yrs of runtimes

Max 1368lumens output (3x 18650)

Output (select by magnetic ring):

Level 1 : 0.6lm(2000hrs)

Level 2 : 25lm(140hrs)

Level 3 : 190lm(22hrs)

Level 4 : 440lm(9hrs)

Level 5 : 760lm(5hrs)

Level 6 : 1368lm(2hrs)

Standby : 65uA

Strobe : 1368lm (4hrs)

Working voltage 4v - 13v

Max Runtime 2000hrs

Max beam 816meters

Peak beam intensity 95600cd

Impact reslatant:1.2meters

waterproof to ipx8 standsrd,2M

186mm length,76.2mm bezel diameter.

weight:452.8g without battery.

aircraft grade aluminum body structure.

premiun type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish

ultra-clear tempered glass lens with antl-refiective coating.

momentary forward click tactical switch.

strobe mode for tactical and emergency use

smooth reflector for max light output

highly focused beam for maximum distance

tactical knurling for firm grip.

streammlined body design.

mechanical reversed polarity protection desigon for battery carrier

intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance

and long run time

__________________________________________________ ________

I am going to be running this group buy side by side on another forum also, to double the chances of getting to the group buy price.

For now, please post interest here, such as "I will be interested in 1 item". I will start a list in the next post listing the members involved, and the items claimed so far.

Thank you for your interest, and hope to have a successful group buy with you


If you are interested in the K40-l2 still, or any other Supbeam product, please contact Alice. She has been extremely helpful with this group buy.

Contact details are below!

Website: www.supbeam.com

E-Mail: Alice@neonlaserchina.com
SKYPE: aliceflashlight

Darn you Pulsar! Im going broke here… all because of you. I need some time to research the light before I commit but Im very interested. BTW, (per the other GB thread) werent you supposed to have been banned? :smiley:

heh, i hope not LOL

Damn! Already got the K40 XM-L version. No real point getting another.

or I’m sleeping on the couch tonight! For the luckier ones…here’s a nice pic :

You got any beam shots woody? What’s ur overall impression of the light?

I could be wrong (hopefully) but that' doesn't seen right.

Also which version of the XML2 is being used? u2, u3?


everything i have read has been positive. i cant find a k40 xml2 for sale for comparison but HERE

Hmmm. Single XM-L2 with a 76.2mm head. Could be quite the thrower.

according to _the_ 's throw calculator in my sig, it would be around 618m throw.

Thanks FP for the link. Looks like a good thrower. Is it worth ~ $100 retail? What’s she normally cost?

Edit: you guys talk/type too fast…lol.

the l3 k40 with xml is about $120. its just a rebranded supbeam

No beam shots, but I’m very impressed with the light. In fact, even my wife was impressed when we took it for a walk with the dogs one night. A few profanities were uttered at the sheer throw of the thing. :slight_smile: It’s really well built. Very useful for spotting badgers (the first live one I’ve ever seen). The dogs were impressed too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I paid $90 shipped if I recall, and it comes with a Thrunite aluminium case, which is a waste, imho, as it also has an OK holster. I had very good communications with Supbeam (I bought it direct).

I’m puzzled by the lumens though - looks like a simple 20% increase in the XM-L version - calculated, not measured, I reckon.

Thanks Woody….now off to resisting I go. :smiley:

man i just joined for about a week and i think i’m going bankrupt soon with all these gbs lol

I’m in if the deal can.

yeah it probably is just calculated. I will find out what bin LED it is.

a couple members last week recommended i try for this light for the next one. they had quoted something like $96 shipped for 50 pieces. so i said thanks but no thanks basically.

they contacted me last night and wanted to do something, this was the best i could work out. i was shooting for a bit less, but they would not budge from this price

Can you ask them how hard the LED is driven on max also?