[GB-Closed!] Supfire m6 triple - CLOSED!

My PayPal account thanks you :bigsmile: .


i know, i know... but a couple members wanted me to try for the k40-l2. and the more i looked at it, the more i wanted it...

unfortunately, it’s like that with almost every decent flashlight :bigsmile:
aluminum has a special resonating frequency that affects our minds and it gets worse if there is a copper to :bigsmile:

btw ppl, get those pics (of your new M6) out there, I want to see it in details :slight_smile: I didn’t get one, went for the warrior 8)

Hey, maybe we should find out what what WallBuys wants to blow out, like those Olight i6’s for 10.99 in the instant kill sale. Now that’s a real group buy discount :wink: .

Just kidding :bigsmile: thanks for all the work putting together these great group buys!


Actually that’s not a bad idea, I still don’t have i6 and for ~11 bucks it’s way better as experimentation platform than C8.

I don’t know what I will use an i6 for, but I couldn’t pass up that price :bigsmile:.

You mentioned wanting to see detailed photos of the M6 in another post. I did post a few in the 18650 section, but I would be happy to take any additional shots you would like. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/20446


Oh, nice :slight_smile: thanks, didn’t see that one…

Great group buy light, very nice. Hope everyone gets their packages pronto.

After playing with this light for two days now I think it is a great light, but it would be better with mode memory and being able to turn it off quickly without having to hold the button for three seconds, or cycle through the modes. I much prefer the UI on my Solarforce L2 (reverse clicky) to this. Hopefully Texaspyro’s driver board will address this issue. If they fixed the UI this would be close to perfect at this price point.

The body feels nice in the hand, but is slightly slick feeling, I would not want to use it without a lanyard. The other niggle I have is there is no anti-roll feature, even with the lanyard it is liable to roll due to its weight.

The reflector is great giving a very pleasing beam profile.

It is definitely worth the money.

did anyone here received their light already, with the tracking # NOT being updated?

Hey to those Australians that ordered one….have you got it yet?

I live very close to the end of the world, when it comes to international shipments. Surely I will be among the last to receive my flashlight. Since that’s normal for me, I have not worried yet, because not even a month ago I made the payment. Surely I will have to wait a few more days for the package to arrive to my country, and perhaps, with a little luck, in two more weeks I’ll have it at home.

And you complain lol

BTW, the last event from my tracking number says OTB, Insert item into bag, and the last status is Transporting

It must be my bad luck…I tracked my M6 all week and it delivered yesterday. I met the mailman outside and snatched it up. After I opened the box I found broken pieces of glass. To my horror it looks as if it was dropped at some point. There is damage to the bezel, the glass is shattered and the reflector is scratched to hell. UUUHHGGGG.

On a good note I cleaned up all the glass dust and removed the bezel. The light still works and kicks my SRKs ASS!

I’ve emailed them to see if I can get replacement pieces…I’m hoping for the best.

let us know how it goes. I knew there would end up being damaged lights eventually. they were packaged horribly...

The edge of my lens was also cracked. Have to look at an angle to see it though. Maybe just replace with a coated lens though? This Supfire and the Convoy C8 that I received last week are my first step into 18650 lights. This Supfire is awesome!

if it was just the lens damaged, i would just try to find an AR lens to replace it. but if the reflector is damaged, i would want a replacement...

Is the lens the same size as the SRK? If it is, CNG has started carrying AR lenses that fits for $2.50/each.


Broken lens

Nick out of bezel

Scratched up reflector (I’m working on cleaning/polishing that now)

I emailed Supfire this morning…at this point I’d be happy with a new bezel…I can replace the lens.

Arrgh! I’m sorry to hear that, esp. with all the waiting :(, and hope that make things right…


That looks horrible!

I`m glad mine still survived. I hope they will learn to pack their lights better if they ever send them to End users in the future.

55mm diameter
2.92mm thick.