[GB-Closed!] Supfire m6 triple - CLOSED!

It would cost you more in beer to make up for it, but you can have mine if you come out my way instead. 0:)

I hope yours shows up soon.

Thanks for the offer Flash. I won’t be too bummed if Supfire sent my light to R86 or someone else. They will likely correct the mistake. Worst case, someone gets two for the price of one and I get a refund. I really have way too many multi-emitter lights anyway. Thanks for the sentiment and offer. Very kind of you.

I can’t understand head nor tail of the tracking information. According to track-chinapost.com, the status of mine is NULL, and Location is CAN. The destination (GB) is right, but it’s had that status for about 5 days, since 28th July. I’m off on holiday in a week, so hopefully something might happen before then.

Any time! Besides, Im probably in the same boat as you. Too many flashlights, but most of mine disappear soon after receiving them… so I can buy more… so I can sell them, so I can buy more… so I can, uhh…

Woody, “CAN” is code for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport… still in China?

Ah, thanks for that. I was worried it might mean Cancelled. :wink:

another day gone by and nothing has showed up, just saw the mail lady with only junk ads :frowning: lol

Speaking of which (Guangzhou), can anyone interpret this:

Origin Country - China: Tracking Consuming: 468 Millisecond
2013-07-27, exports total package seal seal straight hair, Guangzhou International, USA
2013-07-26, exports total package interoperability seal to open, Guangzhou International, USA
2013-07-26, exports total package interoperability seal to open, Guangzhou International, USA
2013-07-23, acceptance office acceptance, letter set Foshan Bureau, U.S.

I got the above by:

- Use 17track.net for my tracking #

- Click Details on the right

  • Copy-paste the Chinese characters into Google Translate

On the other hand, China Post tracking says:

Collection 52803200 US 20130723 1838
Waiting for transit airline Space 51003100 US 20130726 0857
Waiting for transit airline Space 51003100 US 20130726 2134
Departure from China 51003100 US 20130727 1000

Has this package left China (by plane) yet?

i guess the packages are carried by seals hahaha

And with hair :)?

haha yeah, i’ve heard curly hair seals are faster than the straight hair one. now i understand why some people get theirs already.

[quote=ImA4Wheelr] I'm starting to get bummed. I think I was the first to pay. Mine doesn't even say accepted or anything yet. Pulsar said mine said Norway. He's checking into it. I checked with paypal and they sent my address (I live in South Carolina). If you get mine R86, I'm coming after you. It will cost more than the light to fly out there, but I'm a real good swimmer. [/quote]

Hahahah... I LOLed! :)

Maybe they just mixed up the tracking numbers. My package have not arrived in any country yet. Strange if yours arrived in Norway, and mine haven't. China packages usually takes two days (max 3) from when they arrive to the country and to I have it. The tracking number will probably show some interesting things within few days.

Also, make sure to not kill the wrong Norwegian in case you go for a swim. It would be a real shame if you killed me, and it was the other Norwegian guy who got your light, because Im pretty sure Im not the only one from Norway who ordered one.


Good to see you guys make light of a frustrating situation! Hope you guys get them soon, cuz for reals…its a very solid, illuminating device. Looks, feels and modes better than my SRK.

Ok, ok I’ll shut up… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking about it…

I think “interoperability” is their (Chinese) “outgoing customs”, and I think that when “seal” is referring to putting the light into a container, or maybe sealed customs area, before they put it (or the container) onto a plane. Maybe “straight hair” is “direct flight”?

The dates kind of make sense then, i.e., went through Chinese outgoing customs, then an international flight on 7/27/2013. The thing that’s puzzling is how the heck could a flight take (at this time) more than 6 days to make landfall in the U.S.?

I got mine Friday (france)

Mine arrived safe and sound in Utah today, despite the very poor packaging. It was in the same box that others have shown pictures of, but no bubble wrap or anything, just rattling inside a bare cardboard box!!!

The light is amazing! This is my first multi-emitter light so I don’t have anything to compare it with, but it blows away all my single emitter lights. The beam is very clean, no trace of multiple emitters even when looking on a white wall. I was surprised how hefty the light is. I am glad they included a lanyard as I would hate to drop this on my foot.

Hope the rest of you guys get yours soon too. Thanks again Pulsar for doing the leg work on this one!

Got to go play some more, it is dark finally. :slight_smile:

Woody, I see you’re in London. I’ve got exactly the same shipping info as you. I’m in sunny Manchester, I’ll let you know as and when mine arrives!

@Melven; I was also surprised that the beam was so "clean", unlike the SRK I had.

got mine today.

looks good. :slight_smile:

nice tight beam for a 3x xml with reflectors not much bigger than the king and alot smaller than the BTU.

i like it.

there is a little solder flux blob on one of the domes. no biggie. i know it wont be long before i have it all apart so ill clean it off with some rubbing alcohol at that point.

like the light though. :slight_smile:

just looked back though the thread to see the teardown pics.

I like the design of this light alot more than the king. i like that there isnt a separate thread-in plate for the LED’s to sit on and that its part of the head for direct heat transfer. looks like a LED swap will be easy to put something like noctigon boards with XML2’s in there.

as for the PWM and modes, mcu swap maybe and of course texaspyro’s board when they come out.