GB: Copper C8 head for 25mm Khatod Quad optic, 24mm Carclo's

Nah, PVD is not an option. Black chrome is an option, and is what they put on Lamborghini rims and stuff. It looks great. Brown oxidized copper ain’t all that pretty in comparison and it makes your hands smell funny.

I added a simple CAD rendering to the OP.

The rendering looks amazing! I can imagine it on a C8 body already :laughing:

I’ll try to get some macro shots of my C8 V3 when I get home so it can be determined if they’re square or truncated triangular. IIRC they are not 100% square, I have a V3 from last year and another one ordered just recently, the parts are interchangeable but the finish of the newer one is less matte.

I don’t. I describe them as triangular, trapezoidal, and square just based on their shape and being a layman when it comes to machining; I don’t recall seeing anything other than those three on flashlights.

Also, sorry for any confusion above. I always think back to my 3 year old Convoy XML C8 (presumably V1?) as having triangular threads; however, as I just checked and they are actually trapezoidal on the battery tube.

The “ThorFire C8s” both removeable pill and integrated shelf version have square threads. I believe they have yet another version of the C8, the “ThorFire C8” I don’t know anything about it apart from it having a removeable pill.

Trapezoidal threads, which have a 29° included angle for acme, 30° for metric, are easily confused with square threads so that’s understandable. Most square threads are actually the “modified square” profile which has a 5° angle per side, 10° included, like those on the Thorfire C8S.

A lot of folks call the truncated triangular threads square also which I tend to call out when I see it. :wink: Triangular threads have a 60° included angle.

I do not currently have the capability to cut square threads, but I can cut trapezoidal (acme) threads.

I’m in.

I’m at home, so here’s a photo of the threads on my Convoy C8. Mine’s a bit older, has the removable pill instead of the shelf. Its worth noting that parts to this light are interchangeable with a Thorfire C8s that I also have.

I’m not a machinist, but I’m pretty sure these are the trapezoidal threads you’re all talking about, yes? If its not the same threads as the latest lights then I’ll buy a new one. Not a big deal.

I think you should just go with the latest Convoy C8. The C8 is the better type of light for this cool, one of a kind head. There are so many different models out there, you have to decide on one. I have an older model, but I’ll order an new version just for this custom head… Convoy hosts are pretty inexpensive.

Awesome thanks emarkd. Those are truncated triangular threads. 60° included angle.

I agree. If the current model had square threads I simply could not make it however.

Oh wait… That’s not a V3?…

Why don’t we check with Richard at Mountain Electronics?

He’s such a busy guy, I try not to bother him. Will34 said he’d take some pics of his so let’s see what results that yields.

Any chance of an aluminum version? I like copper, but I’d want to use it more without all that weight up front

I could make you one during the run, sure. It would have to be bare aluminum unless there was enough interest to warrant the minimum “lot fee” that goes along with anodize which is $50+.

I’d probably prefer bare anyways. What du you think that would cost?

The same price as the copper ones.

I have no idea what version it is, but it definitely has a removable pill, which makes it not the newest.

Yea I have that same version. I believe it was called V2 when I bought it. V1’s had a different pill, with a “cap” for the driver retainer rather than a retaining “ring,” and triangle threads that still had the “tips.” These are the differences that I’ve noticed from the photo’s I’ve seen at least. I am OK with V1 being different but I really want V3 to be the same as the V2’s.

Would it make sense to include the host in the GB? That might eliminate the problem that occurred with the A6 and it’s inconsistent machine specs. More likely to get all one size. I’m in either way as long as a link to the correct host is available. Khatod quad.

I have a C8 I bought on 8/26/15 from Mountain Electronics which I think is a V3 with no pill and a matte finish. According to his listing it says square cut threads on the anodized side. I can put the head or tail cap on either ways, same threads. According to my calipers the O.D. of the threads on both ends are .898” on the non-anodized side and .900” on the anodized side. The minor looks to be around .868”. The pitch per or thread to thread looks to be AROUND .065”?? Man, all my my good mics and calipers are at work. :confused: To me they do look like square cut threads though??.. my eyes are getting bad.

It wouldn’t not make sense. :smiley: I suppose I could offer the host for the going price when the time comes, which is ~$12, this way everyone can save the $4 on shipping they would have spent otherwise if they didn’t already own the host… but wouldn’t they be buying a star and driver from MTN anyway? No need to try to take a group buy action farther than that tho; I’ll be lucky to sell 30 of these heads.