GB: Copper C8 head for 25mm Khatod Quad optic, 24mm Carclo's

I have no idea what version it is, but it definitely has a removable pill, which makes it not the newest.

Yea I have that same version. I believe it was called V2 when I bought it. V1’s had a different pill, with a “cap” for the driver retainer rather than a retaining “ring,” and triangle threads that still had the “tips.” These are the differences that I’ve noticed from the photo’s I’ve seen at least. I am OK with V1 being different but I really want V3 to be the same as the V2’s.

Would it make sense to include the host in the GB? That might eliminate the problem that occurred with the A6 and it’s inconsistent machine specs. More likely to get all one size. I’m in either way as long as a link to the correct host is available. Khatod quad.

I have a C8 I bought on 8/26/15 from Mountain Electronics which I think is a V3 with no pill and a matte finish. According to his listing it says square cut threads on the anodized side. I can put the head or tail cap on either ways, same threads. According to my calipers the O.D. of the threads on both ends are .898” on the non-anodized side and .900” on the anodized side. The minor looks to be around .868”. The pitch per or thread to thread looks to be AROUND .065”?? Man, all my my good mics and calipers are at work. :confused: To me they do look like square cut threads though??.. my eyes are getting bad.

It wouldn’t not make sense. :smiley: I suppose I could offer the host for the going price when the time comes, which is ~$12, this way everyone can save the $4 on shipping they would have spent otherwise if they didn’t already own the host… but wouldn’t they be buying a star and driver from MTN anyway? No need to try to take a group buy action farther than that tho; I’ll be lucky to sell 30 of these heads.

I’ll take a couple

Let’s just stick to the head and optic before there’s nothing left for me to mod, and Kronos moves the whole operation over to Bangood.

According to all the feedback, I believe you already sold 15 in the first day :slight_smile:

Convoy C8 V3 solid shelf version: I guess it works?

Put me down for one with the Khatod optics. I just got some of Richards new catch on the Nichia 219C emitters so I’ll use those. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity! :wink:

PS: If you want to make an 18350 copper tube to go with it I’m in for that as well. :smiley:

Edit: Thread confirmation, very new Convoy C8 with integral shelf, matte finish. These are the non-anodized threads that go in the head…

Thanks will34. That’s definitely truncated V thread, so we are all good to go! :partying_face:

For sure Dale! (not about the 18350 tube tho, lol)

I don’t know how to cut those threads or I’d make my own tube. Guess I have yet another thing to learn…

I’d tell you how to cut those threads if not for the fact that I think you’d be wasting your time with an 18350! But seriously, it’s just a standard metric thread with 1.5mm pitch. Pay no mind to the flat at the root and you’re golden.

I might as well make bodies and tail caps tho after I get the heads out there. Full hosts, one piece at a time. :smiling_imp: I messed around with a couple of patterns the other day:

I tried so hard to avoid this thread, but I’m in. Not sure which one yet

I have Sinner EDC lights in triple format with 18350’s, and my Cu X5 Quad runs on the 650mAh 14500 just fine. Something about a very compact but seriously robust light that get’s the giggle going for me…

The small grip on the right. :smiley:

Interested in Khatod version… thanks!

I’d be interested in aluminum instead of copper also. If aluminum is not an option, keep me down for a copper version.


Ooh those designs
And then in bare ALU or copper. Nice!

Full hosts are better. And include copper star for LEDs. But price…