GB Feeler - MG Damm (Canceled)

GB Canceled: I'm not getting low enough quotes from vendors to warrant a group buy. Sorry folks.

Ever since reading this post by isti242 and after researching N690 steel, I have been jonesing for one of these knives. Member isti242 also has a review of the knife in his blog here. I have contacted several vendors on AliExpress about price shipped for a couple different quantities. So far I have received one reply and that vendor has said $60 for 10 units and $55 for 20 units. It would help me negotiate if have a better feel for how many units we would actually purchase. $60 doesn't really excite me much because I know I can get them right now for $62.39.

Please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing any at $55 or better. This is not a commitment, but please don't express interest if you will not actually join in on a group buy. I will of course do my best to get lowest price possible and I will not be receiving a free sample or any other type of compensation. Well, I do hope to get this knife at a great group buy price and to feel good about others here getting the same good deal. So that is a form of compensation.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures of my own to post here. There are some in the above links.

EDIT: Quoted prices above are for the G10 version. Here is a little bit of info on the difference from the full titanium version. If any interest in the full titanium version is expressed, I can try to get that quoted too. Me personally, I want the G10 version.

EDIT2: Due to the upcoming holiday, this isn't going to go anywhere soon. Also, things are already not looking promising. When I made it clear that they would need to be shipped directly to individuals, the discounts became very little. I may take a stab at this again sometime in the future, but it doesn't seem like it will work out.


I'll update this interest list periodically even though this GB appears to be a no go at the moment:

1. ImA4Wheelr

2. Kloepper Knife Works

3. Cereal_killer

4. zipelgas

5. adnj

6. adnj (Ti and/or Damm2?)

7. Ricflair (Ti strongly preferred)

8. jealous57 (Ti)

Part of the fun of making knives is buying others to “compare”. I’d be in for one.

I just googled your screen name because you mentioned making knives. I found your intro at Blade Forums. Wow, you are quite the craftsman. Those knives look great. I especially like that guitar in your OP.

EDIT: Here a link to it.

Due to the upcoming holiday, this isn't going to go anywhere soon. Also, things are already not looking promising. When I made it clear that they would need to be shipped directly to individuals, the discounts became very little. I may take a stab at this again sometime in the future, but it doesn't seem like it will work out.

OP updated.

I see your last post, still tho I’m interested at <$55.

+1… what amazing skills. Thanks for sharing.

ImA4Wheelr, can you please ask your contact if he could mix other MG folders in with your GB? After doing more research and discovering the quality and value of the MG brand, Id like to own a MG Blitzwing “Lightning”. Oh what a looker! :bigsmile: You might also want to inquire about the full TI DAMM as well. There might be more interest in combining these 3 types.

Thanks guys, I try not to mention much about the knives here besides my username. I’m trying not to make anyone think I’m spammy.

Flashlights have been quite the diversion from knives for me the last 4 months. I’ve still got a pile of hardened blades I should be working on, but I keep spending too much time making flashlights and learning about electronics and optics. My wife thinks I have a hobby problem. If she only knew……

Now you have me jonesen for this knife :slight_smile: The quality of these cheap Chinese knives looks to be getting really good. Anywhere else this knife would be at least $200. I just wonder if they get the heat treating correct and not screw it up by getting the blades too hot when grinding them. You can’t tell that from the pictures.

I understand that it’s not looking promising, BUT I’m interested :bigsmile:

Nope, can’t see that in the pictures. What I do see is a wide bevel at the sharpened edge. That probably means it’s pretty thick behind the edge and cuts like a barge compared to what I’m used to. Easy for a guy like me to fix, for most people it would mean they’re left with a poorly performing cutting tool no matter how sharp the edge is.

That tidbit was driven home when a woodcarver let me make a test cut with his carving knife. Made the knife I had with .020” thickness behind the edge feel crude in comparison. Now I aim for .005”-.015” depending on the knife. Thin factory knives run .020” ish, and the sky is the limit. I’ve seen garbage knives at more than .080”

If it was the Ti handle I’d be interested. I think that the G10 is pretty ugly.

I just read your introduction over at bladeforums. You sir are a true craftsman. You seem to do beautiful work with whatever you touch.

^ +1. Hoping he will give a visual of what he is talking about Post #9 above sometime, please?


Excellent idea and I agree that is a very sweet looking knife. I don't really have a contact person. I just contacted all the shops that were currently selling the Damm. I'm assuming I was communicating with the shop owners.

The best I could probably get would be to get all the knifes shipped here in one package and then distribute them to the GB participants. The second shipping would eat up some of the discount. Would really increase the risk for the GB leader. Not sure I'm up for that at the moment.

If anyone else wants to take a crack at a MG group buy, I won't be offended. Just let me know so that I don't try again after the holiday is over.

I would be interested in two or three if there are different models. I believe that there is a DAMM2 out now that looks pretty good.

Here is a lineup of acceptable to good. Top is .040”, middle is .020”, bottom is .009”

Guess which one will break down the most boxes before your hand gives out? Even when you remove the advantage the 61Rc S90V from the bottom knife, it is still much easier to cut with because it’s a much smaller wedge.

Beautiful blades, especially the citadel but man, can you please set your images to 100%?!

What ZT is that? Looks like the clip mighty fit my sebby (Im to cheap to buy a $20 clip for a $400 knife when KAI gives them out). Is it a Ti clip? I can probably make it work.

I’d love to, can you please tell me how?

Edit: Nevermind, I did what I should have done and just looked it up. Thanks for the push.

see this post.

For more instruction than that I need to know if you’re using the simple editor or the “advanced” editor (WYSIWYG)

edit: Yup, you got it, thanks. It’s not a big deal on computers but really screws up the view on mobile if you dont do that.

Not a ZT, it’s a Kizer Ki3404A3. Been carrying it a lot and my only complaint is that I catch the clip on the steering wheel of my car a lot when I get out, and it bends pretty easily. That and it took some oil and a couple days to work the grittyness out of the pivot.

I like to pull it out when people start to badmouth Chinese quality and tell them that if they can make an iPhone what makes them think that the Chinese can’t build high end stuff. The problem is people wanting ZT build quality at gas station prices. Quality is not cheap, even in China. It is however cheaper, and that’s why the Kizer is $125 instead of closer to the $175 ZT would probably need to charge.

I’m not knocking ZT by the way, I have 2 and love them except for the fact that they feel huge in the pocket. The size of this particular Kizer is perfect for me.


I usually resize by seting max pixels on longest dimension. Does using % make it resize to the viewers screen? If it does, that sounds much better. Should I be using the % instead of pixels when resizing?

Kloepper Knife Works wrote:

Here is a lineup of acceptable to good. Top is .040”, middle is .020”, bottom is .009” . . .

So are you reducing material above the edge so that you have a smaller edge width (and shoulder) or are you increasing the angle of the edge to make it smaller in width? Sorry for being dense. I not as knife savvy as most of the folks posting in this thread.