GB/intrest thread for the Eagle Eye X5R Host

The board doesn’t actually seem too bad to me. Could be worse. And there is quite a bit of room to work with.
Pilotdog68, do you still have the board out?

It’s a shame that I just find this light kind of ugly.

What if the host was changed to the non-charging EE X5, would that make modding easier? Or is the whole point so that people can buy a charging host?

Yeah I still have it out

Could you measure the diameter of the round spring board and the overall height? Plus maybe the depth of the driver cavity / does the T board butt up against the top of the cavity?

I know this is an old thread, but just fyi. To offer e-switch light hosts in the future (I for one would very much would want/like), you need a switch solution in the host kit.

So, options:

  • (best) switch mounted in the side (but removable like an SRK), and include the switch with the 2 wires (or more) coming out
  • (secondary) if board mounted, include the bare driver PCB, but with the switch mounted. As long as we got pads for Batt+ and Batt-, we can work out something

USB charging is a waste for us at this point. Unless you could include the USB charging with the host, as a separate entity of the driver. Some day we might have custom USB charging designs, but that seems a little off in the future, perhaps.

No one to blame here, but e-switch hosts have been offered before, and also, had very little interest. Think Simon tried it as well, but again, had no switch solution.