G'day from another Aussie!

Hi there guys...

As I've already made a couple of posts, I thought I'd better do the big intro!

I'm a relatively low-tech member of the flashlight fraternity, but I'm always interested in what's happening in the field. I guess I'll never be a flashaholic — yeah, yeah, I know LOL — but as the ultimate combination of energy source and purpose, I really think they're a remarkable technical achievement, since all we had when I was a kid was the old zinc-carbon batteries wrapped in cardboard. I remember feeling like a real grownup, and very professional, with my chrome-plated 2xAA Eveready penlight with its pre-focused globe and luminous bezel. Wow!

At the moment, I've got:

TrueFire SST-50 — iTP A1 EOS — iTP A6 Polestar

The TrueFire is great, as a thrower, except for its horrendous switching modes. The A6 is the perfect flashlight in both form and function for most of my needs. And I'd recommend the A1 EOS without any hesitation for your pocket; it's a mini light sabre that never fails to surprise my friends when they see this little "toy" fire up in high mode. I also can't understand why the A6 PoleStar never had the marketing success that the Fenix TK40 enjoyed. Is it just me, or are Fenix somewhat overpriced... and overhyped?

This threesome covers my current needs (was that a pun?) but I'm now looking for something with a lot of evenly spread spill with no rings or artefacts, and little throw; maybe 25 metres. I'd prefer either Eneloops or i8650s in any number combo. I'd also love a body-side switch like my A6 (but I guess I'm dreaming hehe). Simple twisties are okay, but I'd like to avoid tailcap clickies if I can.

Anyway guys, nice to be here. I also should say that I'm an ex-member (4 years) of "the other site" but I could never seem to make it into any of their multitude of cliques even after all that time. Whatever I said, a moderator jumped down my throat for some minuscule (apparent) breach of their 1,001 posting rules LOL. Lately, it seems to be turning into an expensive jewelry site more than a flashlight site!

—Cheers to all, Geoff. :)

Welcome to BLF ausGeoff! Nice lights there.

Welcome to BLF. I to was on that other site which I will not name, but it rhymms with CPF. I find that the people here will not judge you for wanting a budget light that you can actually afford. When you ask for help here, you get the help you need and not a recommendation for another $100 light that you can not afford. I hope that you enjoy your stay here.

great to have you here

welcome to blf

Hi there Geoff! Thanks for the nice intro. We're glad to have you here!

Hmmm, an evenly spread floody extremely bright light with a smooth beam? For that I would recommend the Ultrafire P60 XM-L dropin modules without reservation. Absolutely perfect. But the side clicky is going to be hard to find in a compatible P60 host. Now that you mention it, there's a lot of opportunity for somebody to make a side switch P60 host.

Thanks for the welcome guys. :D

I'll look forward to looking and learnng — and hopefully helping — here at BLF.

And I'll check out the Ultrafire P60 soonly sb56337. Ta.

Geoff. :)

welcome geoff, good to see more aussies find their way here

Welcome to BLF ausgeoff

Welcome ausGeoff! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome to BLF ausGeoff!