G'day from Australia

Just a quick G’day here - I’m very new to flashlights and have started on the slippery slope already. I was after a good general purpose torch (I live on 28000 acres - nearest street lamp is 1.5 hours drive away) and joined the candlepower forum. I got some good advice there but after doing a lot of searching since have realised this forum is far more relevant to me.

Our only torch right now is a blocklite - one of those ones that clips to the front of a 9v battery, and a few long dead maglights - this is what put me off looking for a decent one for so long. I love them but they’re useless. Maybe one day I’ll mod them now I’ve found you can…

But in the meantime I’ve just ordered a grey L2P and .8-4.2v dropin from solarforce-sales. I’d never given modding/building one a thought before someone mentioned it on CPF. Now I’m wading into it fairly thoroughly I think! TO start with I’ll turn up an adaptor so I can run the L2P on one AA. Then sometime I’ll get an 18650 or two and charger to release the full potential of this and further drop ins (money is tight right now so Li Ions will come later).

Then I’m thinking of building an overdriven XP-G2 dropin and turning up a copper pill while using a copper star for the LED… Still researching this and this forum is amazing for that!

Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you are on the path of no return, just like the rest of us. Misery loves company.


Welcome to BLF wedgetail :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome wedgetail. Sounds like a nice place to get lost. At least you wont be bothering the neighbours with your lights. Looks like you need to add a large thrower to your list of wanted lights. Say hi to the Roos for us.

Welcome wedgetail!
The closest streetlamp to me is about 10 meters……
Happy modding! :beer:

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome guys, great forum. Yeah it’s pretty country round here, not too sure I’d want to get lost though, certainly not at the moment - hit 42*C (108*F) today :frowning:

Getting very excited about torches now - way to much to research, there’s so much to it and it’s so unfamiliar! Yep a good thrower is on the list, although concentrating on GP that can throw a little right now. One thing though - I’m pretty fussy on aesthetics and not a fan of”tacticool”, which seems to rule out a lot of the bigger LED flashlights. Maybe that’s where a modded D cell Maglight might come in…

Hello from Austria!

You should check out a few of Old-Lumens threads. He's the Maglite Maestro in these parts.

The home builds are amazing here. Modding or not.Im sure youll find some thing to spot things on that size propetyy. Welcome.

Sounds like a nice little place you've got there - You'll find lots of help here for anything you want to build.

I used to live in the Gulf Country about 120km NNW of Cloncurry.

Up there in the mid '60s the best lights around were carbide lights. Things have improved a bit since then.

Sounds like you need a couple of decent lights.
You will really appreciate them in your environment!

It's nice to meet you, wedgetail!

hahaha Welcome and greeting from Italy!
If you want to resurrection your old Maglite, you can start with some easy-to-do drop in from Terralux. I’ve bought one, and now my old Maglite is from another planet :bigsmile:

Welcome to the forum widgetail. You're in a dream situation for a flashlight enthusiast. I'm only on 14 acres. It's still pitch black at night here, but area lighting is steadily moving it way towards my property. That saddens me partially due to this hobby, but mostly because I love seeing the glorious night sky. I imagine you can see the Milky Way clear as day out there.

Do you have a metal lathe? You said "turn" a couple times.

Welcome wedgetail, looks like you’re in perfect environment to have many flashlights. May be some other members here will envy you :smiley:

Welcome to BLF!


Good day and be very welcome!!