GearBest deal on LuckySun D80 and P26650-L2

Karen at GearBest has advised me that they have a coupon deal going on the LuckySun lights I recently reviewed…the LuckySun D80 and the P26650-L2 . They are both excellent lights…you will not be dissapointed with either one of them.

The coupon for both of them is GBLUCKYCM.

The coupon price is $19.73 for P22650-L2 and $19.38 for D80.

Here are my reviews on the lights…just click on the picture:


I saw the deal on the D80 and Mini20, but was hoping the P22650-L2 would be included. Thanks for the heads-up!

Bump for those that missed it.

I ordered a D80 well over a month ago. Maybe it will arrive one day….

I ordered from 4 different sellers in China recently, those were all 10 to 14 days. GB is the slowest of all so far. Took 6 days to just ship it, that was expected per the website, but still the longest shipping time ever. I wonder if they really ship when they say? Another vendor said up to 7 days to ship but they give a tracking number in 2 or so and 10 days later I get it. I wish they sold the Lucky Sun line!

The D80 looks nice, probably should have gotten it from some other vendor though.

I’ve had pretty good luck with GB recently. It took over a month for my first order which I selected free shipping on, but a later order I chose standard shipping (~$5) and it arrived in about 14 days.
They might have been different carriers, I’ll have to look.

This D80 looks like a good candidate for an MT-G2! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, yet another reason to ask for a D80 extension! :wink:

Oh boy…here we go again :bigsmile:

You knew from the build of it that I’d be looking at the big emitter, come on now, fess up!

Dale you look at anything and think ‘ow I’m sure I could make it fit a mtg2’ lol but that’s what makes you you

I’m almost sure he has a calculator with MT-G2 backlight at his desk. :smiley:

But only with 2x IMR 18350 & Driver-Mod.


The calculator is solar powered, wouldn’t keep the MT-G2 running, so I crammed it into my Nitecore HC90 head light.

So what if I have a semi-permanent red spot on my forehead, I COULD be from India… (gonna have to remember to run it in a lower level)

I am teasing, of course, but have truthfully been looking at that head light and wondering…