Gearbest Experience 24.02.15 *****5 STARS*****

I hope that my service review will not be termed as a shill or whatever term it is called.

Received my usual Gearbest’s promotional email today and found out a great deal in the MLAIS M9 with a coupon for a $ 86.99 price. I had some leftover GB points and ordered 2.

1 Hour later, I found out another coupon that could bring the price down to $65! I was like WTFOMGZOR…

I promptly emailed them as their live service was not ‘live’ Right after my email, the service went live and I contacted a representative. It took me about 5-7 minutes to get my point made AND for them to actually refund me both amounts on my paypal account.

I then proceeded to order my 2 items again.
My rating:
RECOMMENDED. But expect slow shipping :wink:

Pic of order:

Pic of inbox:

is that a nice phone?

I read some reviews + youtube reviews and for that kind of money ($87) Chibi, I don’t see how bad can it get! 8GB ROM, 1GB RAM, Octacore, 5 inch Gorilla Glass QHD screen is a steal for the money. The only issues I found from the reviews is the picky GPS and not really a con but a lack of 4G.
The camera is average at most though. It makes for a great backup/second mobile or one to leave with the kids without getting worried they will break something!

Also I am certain you wont get any updates to it (its near stock 4.4) say to lollipop. Maybe the cyanogenmod community might do something but not sure…

I might end up doing a ‘user based real life’ review when I get my hand on one. But that is still in the plans and not sure I want to go with the hassles of interacting with some of the negative users :slight_smile:

Parcels got in country yesterday. A few more days for customs clearance + postman delivery @ home :slight_smile:

Pretty impressive fast shipping.

I've had good experience with GearBest too. PostNL shipping hasn't been too bad lately either; just the annoyance of no real tracking updates until it hits Amsterdam. I even emailed May concerning coupon codes for Xtar chargers, which she provided and I used. My total number of GearBest orders is probably approaching that with FastTech.