GearBest Fans sharing-- What did you order today @GearBest?

Hi Guys

GearBest is here more than two years, thanks for all of your supporting, this thread is started
for GearBest fans to share ordered products today @ GearBest, so more other people could know great products in time, welcome to share
and make more people benefit from here :slight_smile::slight_smile:


giveaway result of July, winners are as the following ( pick the number from 6 to 186 )

45 (da1510a), 75 (argolite), 101(atbglenn), 149 ( ohaya ), 173 ( zeremefico )

winners please PM me before Aug 10th, 2016

Giveaway has been closed , as the contest rules for commercial sellers, but still welcome to share the products which you order today, thanks for your supporting

example of topic 1
I ordered ON THE ROAD M900 Flashlight

example of topic two:
five orders could be regarded as fans

the giveway history

I ordered Ganzo G746-1-OR

I wanted to buy theOlight s15 baton For $16 something but damned as I am I missed it (out of stock).

I believe if you make 5 orders a week you can call yourself a GearBest fan for sure

I ordered Opus BT-C3100 and Opus BT-C100.

This past June 23 I ordered the On The Road M3,
Hasn’t arrived yet

1) I ordered UltraTac K18 Mini LED Flashlight - BLUE today

2) 4 orders could be regarded as fans

1) Ordered Eagle Eye X6 Host Version

2) 4 orders could be regarded as fans


I ordered AWEI ES-Q9 today.


You make 4 orders a week you can call yourself a GearBest fan

1.: I ordered a Convoy S2+ and Liitokala Lii100 and two panasonic NCR18650B -s today
2.: You make 2-3 orders a week and you are a fan.

1 a watch for my son

2 hmm that is tricky
I think that if one includes gearbest in the first 4 shops to look for something one can be considered a fan. And because the low prices this probably means ordering several things per month.

1) Ordered XTAR SV2 charger yesterday

2) 3 orders a week could be regarded as GearBest fans

I ordered the sunwayman t25c

Man… I would say 1 order per week would be a fan. Five times a week, wow, one order everyday… Definitely a fan!

2.five orders a month could be regarded as fans
3.pick winner by for post #

Nothing ordered today but my Ganzo G712 was delivered and I’m looking forward to the arrival of my Courui D01 which should be delivered by the end of next week.

I’d say anyone ordering from gearbest on a daily basis would be considered a fan.